Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Skin

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If there’s one aspect of beauty that’s without a doubt worth investing in, it’s skincare. Although it’s easy to disregard the importance of skincare, you have to remind yourself that your skin will be with you no matter what. It might be a nuisance to take care of it. And it might not seem like a priority. But you’ll thank yourself in the years to come as you see the effects of your efforts. You’ll never regret devoting your time + energy to your skin.

Keeping that in mind, I decided that today’s post would be all about skincare mistakes. We’ve all made them, we all make them, and we all will continue to make them. But the more we think about them, the easier it becomes for us to recognize when we’re doing them and have that ‘aha’ moment that allows us to put a stop to it. Here are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed people (myself included!) make with skincare:

#1: N O T  M O I S T U R I Z I N G  E N O U G H

I am a freak when it comes to moisturizer. In fact, I could probably devote this entire post to my love for it if I really wanted to. Moisturizer acts almost like a protective barrier for your skin, helping to reduce and prevent wrinkles, avoid inflammation and ultimately lead to a fresher-looking complexion. That being said, you should apply it twice a day, all the way down to your neck. If you have oily or combination skin, it may feel counterintuitive to put on moisturizing products. However, it actually should be a vital step in your skincare routine. Don’t skimp out on the moisturizer!

#2: F O R G E T T I N G  T O  E X F O L I A T E 

Exfoliating is another often neglected skincare step that can lead to dramatic improvements in your skin’s softness…if it’s done properly. Exfoliating is a deep cleaning for your skin that removes dirt, makeup and toxins. It helps give your skin a fresher look + feel. It’s best to exfoliate once a week — no more and no less. If you exfoliate too frequently, it can deplete your skin of its natural oils and increase inflammation and acne.

#3: U S I N G  F A C E M A S K S  T O O  O F T E N

Everyone loves a good pamper session, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. While you might want to use face masks as often as you can, you shouldn’t use them more than once a week. Doing so can cause redness, irritation or even dry out your skin.

#4: N O T  T A K I N G  O F F  A L L  Y O U R  M A K E U P

I have to be honest and admit this is something I tend to flake on. Though I always wash my face before I go to bed, I have a bad habit of not doing it thoroughly. Most nights, I’ll use a bit of cleanser or makeup remover and lazily wipe the product away. I blame this primarily on the fact that I wait till the last minute to take off my makeup, so I’m almost always going through the process in a state of total exhaustion, but I digress. Anyway, I think it’s fairly self-explanatory why you should get all your makeup off — leaving it on clogs your pores and overall isn’t good for your skin.

#5: N O T  W E A R I N G  S P F 

Taking care of your skin goes beyond washing your face and moisturizing; it also means protecting it from harmful sun rays. It never hurts to apply sunscreen, especially if you know you’ll be outside. If you have trouble remembering to use sunscreen, I suggest trying out a foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer that already has some in it. (Tarte* makes one that I am personally a big fan of). This way, you get the coverage your skin needs without any thought on your part.


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Do you know any mistakes people make with their skin that I didn’t mention?

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7 thoughts on “Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Skin

  1. Great post!! I totally agree with everything! Even if I never forget to remove my make up, I don’t exfoliate enough! I’d also add that people often forget how important a balanced diet is important for the skin! 😊


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