Testing Out Bath & Body Works Sheet Masks

bath and body works sheet masks

Bath & Body Works has a sheet mask collection, and apparently they’ve had it for a while now. I had absolutely no idea Bath & Body Works made sheet masks, so when I noticed them sitting on shelf near the checkout counter of my local B & BW, I was both shocked and intrigued. And since I’m a blogger, I saw it as the perfect excuse opportunity to buy them and do a review. (It had nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to try them…psst. Definitely not).

ANYWAY, I decided to test out three of the sheet masks so I could get a good idea of the collection. I tested them out over the course of a few weeks, making sure to jot down my thoughts after I finished each one of them.

Here’s how my experiences went:

Mask #1: Cool As A Cucumber

First impressions: The cucumber mask was the first mask that I had the chance to try from the Bath & Body Works collection, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. In the past, my experiences with face masks have been very…mixed. Especially where sheet masks are concerned. The last time I used a sheet mask was a few months back, and it was complete and utter disaster. So, naturally, I went into this one feeling a little bit skeptical.

Anyway, the first thing that struck me when I opened up this mask was that it smelt really great. As you may (or may not) know about me, I am fairly sensitive when it comes to heavily fragranced products, so it’s hard for me to find something that 1). Smells good and 2). Doesn’t give me a stuffy nose. That being said, I was extremely impressed by the fact that this mask had a nice, fresh smell that didn’t irritate my senses. The scent of this mask was, well, like cucumber. (Which isn’t exactly an articulate description, but I don’t think there’s any point in trying to dress it up. It’s cucumber, guys). If you like more natural, less perfume-y fragrances, this will be right up your alley.

The mask itself was very refreshing. It contains aloe, which is especially handy if you’re using it after a workout or a day outdoors. I used the mask shortly after a run, and it really helped my skin cool down.

The only issue I had with this mask was that it left my face a little greasy. The directions say to rub any excess product into your skin after you’ve left it on your face for 10-15 minutes, but I found doing that to be ineffective. The product didn’t fully absorb, particularly on my forehead and cheeks. My face looked and felt slightly greasy. It was kind of a bummer considering how much I enjoyed the mask up until this point, but it wasn’t a total deal breaker. Overall, I still really liked it.

Sea You Soon

First impressions: The second mask I tried was “Sea You Soon.” Like the first mask, this one had a very subtle smell. It was scented like hyaluronic acid and sea minerals, so it had a beach-y vibe about it, which I really liked.

Since I had found the first mask to be a little greasy, I decided this time around that I would wipe the excess product off with a tissue. It ended up being a great decision, as I was a lot happier with the end results. My face felt smooth and clean rather than greasy and sticky. It really was the perfect amount of moisture.

Keep It Fruity

First impressions: The final mask I tested out was “Keep It Fruity.” I didn’t find anything drastically different about this mask than the others, so I am not going to waste your time going into extensive detail. But I will say it had a nice, light scent, and it left my skin feeling softer and fresher. I followed the same strategy as I did with the “Sea You Soon” mask and dabbed away the leftover product. Again, it ended up working really well for me.

Consensus: Overall, I think the Bath & Body Works sheet masks are pretty good. Given the fact that the company is known for its intense fragrances, I was surprised by how subtle and relaxing the scents of these masks were. They had enough of a smell that you could tell which was which, but once it was on your face, they weren’t too strong or overpowering.

The only problem I found with all of these masks was that they were soaked in too much product. The directions call for you to wipe any excess product into your skin after you’ve finished using the mask; however, I found that there was too much extra product to effectively do that. After I used Cool As A Cucumber, my face felt a little bit sticky and greasy. I think the design could be improved by either a). soaking the masks in less product or b). changing the directions so that users wipe the product off afterwards.

Ultimately, I think I will repurchase one of these masks sometime in the future. They’re inexpensive, they smell nice, and if you dab away excess product, the end result is smooth and fresh skin.


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Have you used any of the Bath & Body Works sheet masks? 

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  1. I was just as surprised when I was in B&W last month too and saw that they had sheet masks! When did that happen!? I used the red wine mask and I had the same issue with it having way too much product on it. But overall it was nice!

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