Testing Out Bath & Body Works Sheet Masks

bath and body works sheet masks

Bath & Body Works has a sheet mask collection, and apparently they’ve had it for a while now. I had absolutely no idea Bath & Body Works made sheet masks, so when I noticed them sitting on shelf near the checkout counter of my local B & BW, I was both shocked and intrigued. And […]

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Small Random Haul

I have done a little bit of shopping over the past couple of weeks, and today I thought I would share everything I bought. Some clothing items. Some beauty things. It’s kind of a mixed bag. The first thing I picked up was this adorable denim mini skirt from Express. (I got it on sale for […]

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My Favorite Bath & Body Works Candles

As I was cleaning out a storage bin in my bedroom today, I stumbled upon my candle collection and immediately started popping off lids to steal a whiff of their fragrances. Sitting in a pile of sweet smelling euphoria, I thought to myself, ‘this would make for an interesting blog post’.  In past blog posts, […]

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