Five Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Skin

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If there’s one aspect of beauty that’s without a doubt worth investing in, it’s skincare. Although it’s easy to disregard the importance of skincare, you have to remind yourself that your skin will be with you no matter what. It might be a nuisance to take care of it. And it might not seem like […]

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Five Skincare Products You NEED to Try

One of my favorite topics to read about is skincare. I love scrolling through articles about the latest trends in skincare and discovering new tips + techniques that help make skin better. It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty-centric post, so I figured I would share some of my current skincare must-haves, particularly for […]

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Monthly Goals: December 2018

December is one of those months that never fails to be busy for me. Between Blogmas and my real-life obligations, I always end up having LOADS of things to accomplish in December. This became apparent to me when I sat down this morning to write down my monthly goals. Normally, I keep it simple and […]

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The Verdict: Sephora Play vs. Birchbox

I’ve wanted to do a compare and contrast post featuring Sephora Play and Birchbox for a while now. And given that it’s currently pouring rain outside, I figured today would be the day when I finally sit down and do it. I’ve done detailed posts about both my experience with Birchbox and my experience with […]

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Beauty Products I Can’t Stand

a bottle of shower gel, an eyeshadow palette, and two primers sitting on a marble counter

For the most part, I talk about things that I love here on the blog. But sometimes it’s fun to break from personal convention and chat about things that I hate. And that’s exactly what I will be doing today. Here are three beauty-related products that I just can’t stand, as well as my defense against them: […]

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How to Maintain A Cohesive Instagram Feed

how to maintain a cohesive Instagram feed

I’ve been using an Instagram account for my blog for about two years now. In that time frame, I’ve gone back-and-forth with creating a cohesive feed and not creating a cohesive feed. There are benefits to each strategy. With a cohesive feed, your photos flow together well and look really polished and organized. But with […]

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My Morning Routine

a planner and a cup of coffee

Over the past several months, I’ve really come to love mornings. By nature, I’ve always been a night owl. However, realizing that I operate more productively on a morning schedule, I decided to start waking up earlier. I’ll admit it was a struggle at first. But as time has progressed, I’ve genuinely come to love […]

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Remembering Why You Started: How to Regain Inspiration After A Blogging Rut

When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.  I know not everyone is a motivational quote person, but I think even the most anti-quote individual out there can agree the message behind this quote is pretty solid. When things seem tough, and your instincts are telling you to simply throw in the towel, it […]

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