How to Get Your Best Eyebrows + My Current Brow Routine

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Before I get into this post, I’d first like to apologize for the lack of blogs recently. This break wasn’t deliberate or anticipated. I won’t spent too much time explaining it, but let’s just say that consistently bad weather makes it almost impossible to shoot photos, especially if you’re working full-time. The good news is I am back now, and I won’t be missing a post day for a while.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into today’s topic: Eyebrows. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, the late 2010s have been all about the brows. As someone who has naturally thicker brows that she used to tweeze to no end, I am grateful for the fact that we as a society saw the error in our brow ways. Looking back at photos of myself from any time before 2015, I can’t believe how I used to do my brows. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with thin eyebrows, but when you’re causing them to be thin because you’re overplucking them, it’s definitely not a good look. 

Today I wanted to share my current brow routine + discuss a few tips I have it when it comes to eyebrows. I’ve gone through a great deal of trial and error over the years with my eyebrows, so I promise you these tips are based on plenty of experience. 

E N H A N C E — D O N ‘ T  C H A N G E 

One of the most important things I’ve learned about filling in your eyebrows is that it isn’t about changing their shape — it’s about enhancing the shape they already have. Although many of us have ideas in our heads of what our perfect eyebrows would look like, we have to work with what we’ve got. That means focusing on how to make our natural brows appear full and defined without taking them in a completely new direction. Follow the natural arch of your brow and keep practicing with it. The more comfortable you get working with your brows, the easier it will be for you to get them exactly how you want them. 

K E E P  T H E  C O L O R  C L O S E 

As someone who spent a couple of years using an eyebrow pencil that was about a shade darker than my natural brows, I say using the proper color makes a huge difference. I switched from the shade “medium brown” to “taupe” a little over a year ago. Since then, my brows have looked less harsh and more natural. It was an easy swap to make that resulted in a huge payoff. The next time you’re at your local Sephora, I recommend spending a few minutes testing colors and finding which one really works best for you. 

D O N ‘ T  E X P E C T  P E R F E C T I O N 

Perfect eyebrows don’t exist. If you dwell on every single hair, you will frustrate yourself to no end. Keep your expectations attainable and realistic. Your eyebrows can still look good, even if they do not match precisely.  

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M Y   B R O W   R O U T I N E

#1: B R U S H  T H E M  O U T

It wouldn’t be a brow routine if I didn’t start by brushing them out and seeing what I’ve got to work with. For me, it feels like every day is different when it comes to eyebrow maintenance. Giving my brows a quick comb through helps me figure out what I should expect. I use the spooly on the end of my all-time favorite brow product (which is also the only brow product I use): Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz. It’s easy to use and long-lasting. 

#2: S T A R T  A T  T H E  E N D S

My natural brows are significantly thinner at the tails, so I like to work with them first. I begin at the end of the brow and make my way up, creating a light outline until I reach the arch. At this point, I will glance over my eyebrow tails and decide if they even enough. If they are, I go back over the tails until they’ve been shaded to the appropriate color. 

#3: D E F I N E  T H E M 

Next, it’s time to define the arches. At this step, it’s most important to be thinking about the natural curve of your brow and following it along both above and below. I start by creating a thin line at the bottom of each of my brows that extends all the way to the spot where my arch begins. I am careful to make this line with as soft a stroke as possible — pressing too much will cause the brow to appear harsh and unnatural. After that, I fill in any sparse areas and create a similar thin line at the top of my brow. 

#4: C L E A N  T H E M  U P 

I’ll admit following through on this step largely depends on how much time I have. If I don’t have time, I skip it and I don’t sweat about it. However, when I do find the extra seconds to fit it in, my brows look noticeably cleaner. I apply a little bit of concealer to my brow bone, covering up any and all stray hairs. Then, I take a touch of cream highlighter and swipe it over the brow bone.  

That’s my brow routine. As you can see, it’s a fairly straightforward process. I like that it’s easy enough to do every day, regardless of how much time I have to get ready (well, except for step four). 

Thanks for reading!

What does your brow routine look like?

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