My Favorite High-End Fragrances

For a long time, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with high-end perfumes and fragrances. I’ve realized that it’s really difficult for me to find a high-end or designer perfume that doesn’t irritate my eyes and throat. It’s no secret that high-end fragrances are strong and I think sometimes that potency can be irritating to your senses. Does anyone else experience the same problems?

Anyways, today I want to share a few of my all-time favorite high-end fragrances. Ever since I started getting beauty subscription boxes, I’ve been able to test out a lot of different scents. It’s helped me discover a lot of cool products and brands, especially in the fragrance department. These are some items that I’ve tried (and enjoyed) from both Birchbox and Sephora Play, as well as a few that I’ve picked up on my own.

For starters, I’d like to discuss Marc Jacobs’ Dot, which happens to be the first high-end perfume that I purchased for myself. Dot is really the first perfume-y smelling perfume that I ever wanted for myself. By that, I simply mean that it smells like a real perfume, not a sugary body mist. Dot is a beautifully layered scent that’s perfect for nearly every occasion. It has a sophisticated muskiness to it, but at the same time plays on sweetness using notes of vanilla and dragon fruit. It’s a fun, exciting scent. I like keeping a roller ball version in my purse, so I can apply it while I’m on the go.


Another fragrance from Marc Jacobs that I absolutely adore is Daisy. I received a sample of it in my Sephora Play last month and it has been my go-to perfume ever since. As you’d expect from the name, Daisy is a sweet, clean, floral scent. It smells exactly like a bouquet of flowers (which is fantastic for those of us with pollen allergies, because we can enjoy the notes of floral without constantly sneezing). Daisy is a great fragrance choice for spring and the scent lasts throughout the day.

Lastly, I’ve really been enjoying the Chloé perfume. Chloé is a pretty popular scent among high-end fragrances and rightfully so. It has a gorgeous (can you refer to a scent as gorgeous?) floral scent that contains notes of rose, cedarwood, peony, and honey. It’s very sophisticated, timeless, and elegant. It’s one of those scents that you’ll never get tired of.

What’s your favorite high-end perfume?


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16 thoughts on “My Favorite High-End Fragrances

  1. Have you tried ‘La vie este belle’ by Lancome? That’s definitely my favorite. I also get a lot of compliments on my ‘Viva la Juicy’ by Juicy Couture.


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