My Favorite High-End Eyeshadow Palettes

I came to the realization the other day that I haven’t been doing a lot of beauty posts recently. To be honest, I find it funny to even have typed that sentence because a year ago I was worried that I had been writing too many beauty posts. I guess that just goes to show you how much you end up changing even when you least expect it.

Anyways, since I haven’t been writing as much beauty content as I used to, today I thought that I’d share some of my favorite high-end eyeshadow palettes. I wrote a post similar to this about perfumes last summer and a few of you seemed to enjoy it, so now seemed like a good time to a sort of follow-up to that using eyeshadow palettes. High-end eyeshadow palettes are certainly some of the most expensive items in my makeup collection. It’s hard to find a palette in Sephora or Ulta that isn’t on the pricey side, so it’s important to chose what you buy wisely. Being particular about what you want and doing a bit of research can make all the difference in what you get out of a palette. These are some products that I invested a bit of money into and ultimately had success with.

First up happens to be a product that I’ve loved for years, which is the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Eyeshadow Palette. In my opinion, Urban Decay makes the best eyeshadows on the market. Every shadows that I’ve ever purchased from them has been pigmented, blendable, and long-lasting. Anyways, the Naked2 Basics Palette was one of the high-end first palettes that I ever picked up and it’s something that has remained a staple in my makeup collection ever since. The palette comes with six neutral shadows, which are perfect for creating a variety of looks. The colors are a bit cooler than the ones in the original Naked Basics, which I personally prefer for my skin tone. Anyways, the palette retails for $29. While it’s certainly not the cheapest item out there, it’s on the lower end in comparison to other high-end eyeshadow palettes. Considering the quality of the shadows, I think that it’s definitely worth the splurge.


Something else that I have a lot of love for is the Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Palette. While this palette contains blushes as well as eyeshadows, I wanted to include it because it has become a huge staple of mine in the last several months. The eyeshadows in this palette are extremely smooth and blendable. They’re easy to apply and the colors appear nicely on skin. It’s a great combination of eyeshadows.

Another palette that I’ve enjoyed a lot has been the Tarteist Pro To-Go Palette. I know that I’ve talked about this palette before, but I didn’t think I could leave it out of a post about my favorite high-end palettes. The shadows in this little palette are some of the richest, most pigmented ones I’ve ever used. The colors show up beautifully on your eyes and blend very easily. One feature that’s really phenomenal about this palette is that it comes with three matte eyeshadows and three shimmery eyeshadows. This is really nice because it allows you to create both dramatic and natural looks. At $23, this is one of those items that are great to pick up if you’ve got a gift card you’ve been meaning to spend.

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Next I’d like to talk about a palette that has had its fair share of popularity: Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Palette. I remember how excited I was when this palette first got released. (Although I have to admit at the time I was more focused on the fact that the eyeshadows smelled like chocolate rather than their usefulness). The colors in this palette are fun and unique, ranging from matte browns to shimmering purples. If you’re looking for high quality shadows for creating bold looks, this could very well be the palette for you. Some of my favorite shades are “White Chocolate,” “Salted Caramel,” “Semi-Sweet,” and “Milk Chocolate.”

The last high-end eyeshadow palette that I would highly recommend is the It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette. I absolutely adore the eyeshadows in this palette. As you would expect from the palette’s name, the eyeshadows are great for naturally enhancing the look of your eyes. The shades are flattering for any eye color and they’re great for creating both smoky and subtle looks. (If you can’t already tell, versatility is a really important factor in an eyeshadow palette to me). Anyways, one of my favorite things about this palette is that it also contains a shimmery highlight. The highlight, which is named “Transforming Pearl,” adds accentuates your brow bones really well. It’s my go-to brow bone highlight even if I’m not using the rest of the palette.

That concludes this post! I debating whether or not to turn these “my favorite high-end (blank)” posts into a running feature on the blog. I feel like it would be a fun way to bring back some more beauty content. Let me know what you think in the comments!

What are your favorite high-end eyeshadow palettes?


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