A week of outfits and ramblings

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post explaining that I didn’t know whether I wanted to continue writing about fashion anymore. After months of wearing nothing but sweats and T-shirts, I wasn’t feeling inspired by clothes, so I wasn’t sure how to keep up a blog that revolved mostly around fashion.   

Flashforward three months, and my love for fashion has gradually started to return. I’m excited about putting together outfits in the morning. With the summer weather approaching, I’m having fun breaking out pieces I haven’t been able to wear in a while. It’s made me realize how much I missed fashion and writing about it here on the blog. 

Today I’m sharing a week’s worth of outfits, accompanied by some random thoughts/tidbits/ramblings from the days I wore them. My style’s changed a lot recently, so I thought this would be a fun way to introduce some of my new favorite trends. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve posted (sorry about that!!!!), so I figured it could serve as a catch-up post and give you a sense of what I’ve been up to lately. 


(Yes, I started this on a Wednesday…because why not?)



I can’t explain the dread I felt when I looked at the forecast and saw it was calling for rain. The weather’s been a mess lately. Last week, there were a couple of days when it felt like early March instead of late May. I seriously considered breaking out my winter coat—it was that cold. 

Rather than let the less-than-ideal weather conditions get the best of me, I decided to wear a wide-sleeve black top with red roses and a cinched front, which I paired with dark-wash jean shorts. I know shorts with long sleeves tends to be a point of debate in fashion, but I really love it. Plus, it’s great for those weird weather days when it’s not quite warm enough for a tank top, but not quite cold enough for a sweater. 

To complete the look, I pulled the front pieces of my hair up with a couple of mini claw clips and put on a dainty silver necklace with my zodiac sign, Cancer. This necklace is from Etsy, and it’s been one of my go-to pieces over the last couple of months. I’m a total sucker for anything related to astrology. Slap a zodiac symbol on it, and there’s a good chance I’ll want it. 

Today was pretty lowkey. After work, I spent some time knitting and reading. My current read is A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir. It’s the second book in the Ember in the Ashes series. I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve set a goal for myself to read 80 books this year, and right now I’m at 32, which puts me slightly behind schedule, so I’m trying to catch up. Hopefully once the weather starts to improve, I’ll find the time to read outside in the sunshine. 

Also included is a pic of my dog. She had a bath Wednesday and was looking cute, so naturally, I had to take a ton of photos. 


Top: Wild Fable 

Shorts: Forever 21 

Necklace: Etsy


What’s worse than one rainy day? Two consecutive rainy days. 

I definitely wasn’t feeling the weather on Thursday, but I tried to make the most of it by opting for one of my current favorite looks. I paired a mid-length pink floral skirt with a cropped white T-shirt. I’ve had this skirt in the back of my closest for ages. I honestly have no idea how it ended up in my possession. I think it was given to me at some point or another. Retro florals are really popular right now, so I’ve been getting a ton of use out of this skirt. I wasn’t able to get a decent photo of the full outfit, but I think I’m going to do a post about this skirt sometime soon, so stay tuned.

I got an iced coffee on Thursday, which was the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Tragically, Dunkin recently got rid of my favorite drink (the toasted coconut swirl), so I’ve switched back to iced coffee with vanilla. It’s still really good, but I wished I had realized the toasted coconut was a limited time item before I got hooked on it, lol.


Top: JC Penney

Skirt: Forever 21


There’s quite literally no better way to kick off the weekend than with a charcuterie board. Seriously, I challenge you to name one. I spent Friday night sitting on my porch enjoying cheese and bruschetta. It was the first day in a few weeks that felt like spring, so I was happy to take in the sunshine.

For my outfit, I decided to keep things simply by wearing a burnt orange dress. This dress is one of my favorite pieces because it’s easily works for spring, summer, and fall. I paired it with sandals and the same zodiac necklace I wore on Wednesday.


Dress: Arizona Jean Co.


I didn’t have anything in particular to do on Saturday, so it ended up being one of those chill days at home. I went for a run in the morning, spent most of the afternoon reading, and finished off the night with a “One Tree Hill” marathon. Since I didn’t have anywhere to go, I decided on a casual look that would be light and comfortable in the heat. I wore this pink T-shirt that says “New York,” along with a white tennis skirt. I’ve been OBSESSED with graphic tees this past year, especially ones from different places. I’ve purchased several for, like, $2 or $3 at the thrift store. They’re easy to style, and they’ve got a fun look to them.

My closet basically looks like a vacation souvenir shop right now, and I’m not the least bit mad about it, lol.


Shirt: Thrifted

Skirt: Avia


Upholstered chair. That’s the first thought that came to mind when I saw this yellow-green tank top at Target a few months back. Normally I wouldn’t style my outfits after something you’d expect to find in a living room, but I love this top. Between the color and the velvety material, it’s one of the most unique tops in my closet, and it’s quickly becoming one of my go-tos. On Sunday, I decided to pair it with jean shorts and sparkly gold nail polish, which I thought brought out the yellow in the top. And I clipped my hair back with a couple of mini claw clips because I’m really into 90s-inspired hairstyles right now.

Sunday was a mix of shopping and swimming. It was my younger sister’s birthday, so I spent most of the day with her. This outfit was great for being on the go, especially since it was really hot.


Shirt: Target

Shorts: Forever 21


I started the new week by wearing this blue-and-white striped mock neck dress, which I paired with maroon booties. The dress is light and loose, and the striped pattern feels very summery to me. The booties were kind of a last-minute decision, but I like the way the maroon looks with the blue. It gives the outfit a fun pop of color. I totally forgot to get a photo of the outfit, but luckily I’ve worn this dress on the blog before, so I already had a picture.

I guess this goes to show you that being an outfit repeater totally pays off.


Dress: Rolla Coster

Boots: Unisa


On Tuesday, I wore a T-shirt with an olive green corduroy skirt. This shirt is one of those random place shirts I mentioned earlier. I found it at a thrift store a while back. It’s one of my go-to tops for casual days. I love the retro vibe of the design.

Thanks for reading 🙂

What’s something excited you did this past week?



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