A Summer Clothing Haul

I’ve done some shopping over the last couple months or so, and I figured it was time to share what I’ve been buying. Hauls are fun because they give me the chance to showcase the trends I’ve currently been loving and will continue to love in the near future.

I tried my best to include links to everything I bought or at least a link to something similar. Sorry if I wasn’t able to find the link to something you really liked. I do the majority of my clothing shopping off clearance ranks, so I think a lot of the items I purchase have already been pulled from online. Which is a bummer for blogging purposes, but, hey, a sale is a sale. And I can’t resist a good one.

Let’s talk about what I bought, shall we?

haul floral hoodie.jpg
I’m in love with this detailing!

The first item I picked up was this gorgeous mint hoodie from the brand Almost Famous. This is probably one of the best finds I’ve had in a while. Not only was it a total steal at $5, its lightweight material is perfect for summer evenings that are on the chiller side of things. I also really love the floral embroidery that appears on the sleeves, the hood, and the back. It’s cute, fun, and colorful.

Next, I picked up a basic blue tee from the brand So. I like having a lot of simple, lightweight pieces like this around during the summer because my style takes a more casual turn this time of year. I spend the majority of my time wearing tee shirts and shorts because it’s honestly too hot for much else. I think this top will be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe. And as an added bonus, it happens to be my favorite color.

haul items 2

Another item I purchased was this pair of print soft shorts from Pink Republic. Fact about me: I LOVE soft shorts. If I could go an entire summer wearing no jean shorts and only soft shorts, I would. The material is a lot more comfortable, and it’s fun to mix things up with different colors and patterns. This particular pair of shorts fits nicely and is extremely comfy. I’ve worn the shorts a couple of times on humid days, and I’ve got no complaints.

These next items were technically purchased last summer; however, I got them on clearance late last summer, and I didn’t really get the chance to wear them till this summer, so I’m including them anyway. They are a pair of strappy taupe sandals from Blowfish Malibu. I’ve worn these sandals in several of my most recent OOTD posts, so as you can probably guess, I’m a pretty big fan. There’s nothing too fancy about these shoes, but they are easy to walk around in and they go with everything. Skirts. Shorts. Rompers. You name it. Everyone needs a good pair of summer shoes, and these are mine.

black top haul

I picked up another pair of shoes as well, though I can’t seem to find them ANYWHERE online, so I’ve linked a similar pair here. These lovely little open-toed heels are perfect for dressy occasions in the summer. The heels themselves aren’t so high that I have a hard time walking in them. Plus, I adore the gingham printed bows.

The last item I purchased was this lacy black tank top. (I wasn’t able to find this exact link for this one either, but I think this is kind of close!) This tank top was one of those pieces that I saw and instantly had to have. I love the style of the high neckline, and the lace is pretty and fun.

That concludes this haul!

If you’d like to see a more in-depth look at any of the items I showed here today, I’m going to be posting them on my Instagram stories! I think I’m going to start doing this will all my hauls now because I feel like the details of an entire piece cannot always be captured in one or two photos. If you want to have a look, check out the Fashion highlight over on my Instagram!


A Small Beauty Haul

A Collective Haul

Have you done any shopping lately? 

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FYI: None of the links in this post are sponsored. These are items I purchased with my own money.

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