Stripes, Shorts, and Sunglasses

I wear too much denim. I know. I have a problem, and I cannot be stopped.

It was bright and sunny outside today. The perfect kind of summer weather. I didn’t have a lot planned for the day, so I decided to wear something on the casual side.

I paired this simple pair of black high-waisted shorts with my favorite white and mint striped top. Both pieces are soft and comfortable, which is perfect for days like these. I love that they form a cute, cohesive outfit but also feel like pajamas.

stripes and shorts 2 ootd

To complete the outfit, I threw on a light wash denim jacket, sunglasses, and sandals. I’ve worn this jacket with this pair of shorts before, and I really like the look of them together. The jacket is slightly oversized, and in combination with the shorts, it creates a cool vibe.

stripes shorts ootd

It’s a simple outfit for a simple day. And there’s nothing I adore more than casual fashion.

stripes and shorts ootd


Top * (similar): A.L.C.

Jacket (similar): Target

Shorts * (similar): Matches Fashion

Sandals (similar): Boutiquefeel

What’s your current favorite fashion trend? 

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13 thoughts on “Stripes, Shorts, and Sunglasses

  1. Such a cute outfit, I’m the same, I would happily wear double denim everyday if it were socially acceptable haha. love the jacket you have. Everyone needs one don’t they – so versatile!

    Samantha x

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