Trying Lush Products for the First Time

In general, I consider myself to be pretty typical in terms of the trends I follow. I drink a lot of iced coffee. I buy way too many scented candles. I adore everything marble. I wear fuzzy socks 24/7. All your typical favorite things.

But there’s one trend that I have yet to hop on (at least until now): Lush. This may come to a shock to you Lush lovers out there, but I have never actually bought anything from the handmade cosmetics company.

I went into a Lush store a couple of years ago to see what all the hype was about. Unfortunately, it was really crowded when I was in there, and I was not about to wait in line for 30 minutes in order to buy a bar of soap. I’m also not a bath person. And seeing that some of Lush’s most popular items are bath bombs, I figured it just wasn’t the place for me.

And while I assumed I would probably never go back, I ended up getting a few Lush goodies as presents over the holidays. Today was one of those days that desperately called for a pamper session. So, I decided it was time to put Lush to the test once and for all.

The items I got were from the Ray Of Sunshine gift set, which included the Olive Branch Shower Gel, the Each Peach (And Two’s A Pair) massage bar, and the Karma soap bar.

After I opened the set, I obviously had to take a quick whiff of each of the products. I’ve actually got them sitting on my desk right now as I’m writing this, trying to figure out what adjectives I can use to describe them. I’m not a scent expert by any means. But I’ll give it my best shot.

trying lush

Let’s start with the Olive Branch Shower Gel. When I first read the name of this, I didn’t think I was going to care for the scent. But funnily enough, it ended up being my favorite of all the products. The best word I can think of to explain this scent is calming. I know you’re probably reading this and thinking well, calming isn’t a scent, Paige. But I think if you smelt (or have smelt) this product, you’d say the exact same thing.

It’s one of those scents that gets you really relaxed. Perfect for a pamper session. It isn’t super potent, but it’s definitely noticeable. And if I had to describe other smells in it besides olive oil (duh), I would say citrus and maybe orange. It’s good if you’re the type of person who prefers fruity scents to sugary scents.

I really liked the feeling this shower gel left on my skin. It felt incredibly moisturizing and refreshing. My skin can get fairly dry in the winter, and this shower gel managed to make it feel soft and smooth.

Up next, I tried out the Karma Soap Bar. This product had a stronger smell than the shower gel, but a good smell nonetheless. It was very natural and earthy. I definitely preferred the formula of the shower gel to the soap, but I thought this was a good product.

Lastly, I tried out the massage bar. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember that I’m a big fan of massage bars. I really loved the smell of this one, too. It was the sweetest scent of the products in the set by far, which isn’t surprising given its peach.

The massage bar was also very moisturizing. I used it on my arms and hands before I went to sleep last night, and I can feel a huge difference in my skin. It was a little greasy at first. But once I got it completely rubbed in, it was great.

In consensus, I’ve had a change in perspective when it comes to Lush. My favorite of the products was the shower gel because of both the smell and the moisture. I think I may have to check out more products in the future. So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

What’s your favorite product from Lush?

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22 thoughts on “Trying Lush Products for the First Time

  1. OMGOMGOMG. I, too, hadn’t jumped on the Lush train, really because I knew their products were expensive and didn’t want to get roped in. But during after-Christmas sales, I had some money and decided to go in.
    I bought three bath bombs and I’m in love. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s white and they’d probably be able to find it. But it’s my fav.

    Living in such a cold climate, my skin is constantly dying because it’s so dry. I always joke about taking a bath in a tub filled with lotion and only then would my skin feel okay. Well, this bath bomb has little pieces of cocoa butter in it. It was AMAZING and I’m totally sold now, unfortunately for my wallet.

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  2. Everything from Lush is amazing haha. I love it! My only con is that the bath bombs can be so pricey and they’re pretty much a one-time is. Unlike the bubble bars that you can break and not use all at once. I’ve heard great things of their bar shampoo but have never tried it.

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    1. I saw a review on YouTube about breaking bath bombs in half. You can’t do it with all of them but it makes them last for two to four baths depending on your preference. I prefer two. You should have a look into it x

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  3. I have only ever used their charcoal face scrub. Really need to try some of their other goodies. Only issue is bath tubs aren’t typically provided in Korean houses and apartments so I can’t try their bath bombs ☹️

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