10 Goals For 2019

Well, hello, 2019!

The new year is officially underway, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I love the freshness that a new year symbolizes and the possibilities that await you. This time of year is all about beginnings, and what better way to honor that than with a post about goals? (Note that I’m calling them goals instead of resolutions because we all know how I feel about those).

Today I’ve accumulate 10 of my top goals for 2019 to share with you all! Not only is this a way for me to talk about what’s to come in the new year, it’s also a good way to hold me accountable. I always feel more dedicated to my goals after I’ve written a post about them.

Anyway, here are some things I’m hoping planning to do in 2019!

#1: Eat healthier 

Yes, the most generic new year’s resolution on the face of the planet is going straight to the top of my list. While I know this goal will be set by millions of people this month and forgotten by February, I wanted to include it because I actually feel motivated to do it. My hope with this goal is that by the end of 2019, I will have tried a lot of new foods and recipes.

#2: Develop a more consistent sleep schedule

 Okay…so this might be a pipe dream. But if there’s any time of year to strive toward it, shouldn’t it be New Year’s? Sleep is something I’ve never quite been able to find a consistent pattern with. And as a result, I spend a lot of my mornings feeling tired. Maybe this will finally be the year when I find a sleep schedule conducive to both my life and my energy.

#3: Go self-hosted

The prospect of going self-hosted has been floating through my mind for about a year now. It seems as though every time I almost do it, I find some pathetic excuse for why I shouldn’t. It isn’t the right time. I haven’t done enough research. It’s more of a hassle than anything. Blah. Blah. Blah. Though those reasons might be valid in some cases, they aren’t in mine. The truth is that I haven’t been willing to make the effort to go self-hosted, and instead of admitting that, I’ve been latching onto every excuse out there (sounds like I’m being rough on myself, I know, but it’s the truth).

That being said, I really want 2019 to be the year when I finally make Currently, Lately self-hosted. Having more freedom in terms of both advertising and customization would be amazing. Though I know it’s a huge step, I feel like now is the time. No. More. Excuses.

fashion blogger in skirt and polka dot sweater

#4: Establish a skincare routine 

I’ve never been one of those people who exclusively uses and repurchases the same skincare products. There have been times when I’ve found items that I really loved. However, after I finished them, I moved on to something else. I feel this could be the year that I finally determine my skincare must-haves. Face mask. Toner. Spot treatment. Everything.

#5: Step out of my comfort zone creatively 

This is a goal I set for myself all the time; it’s incredibly vague but that’s sort of the purpose. I always like the idea of challenging myself to do something different. 2019 will be no exception. I already have several ideas for how I’m going to fulfill this goal, and I’m so excited to get started!

#6: Spend less time on social media 

This may seem strange coming from a blogger, but I’m going to make an effort in 2019 to spend significantly less time on social media. I have a bad habit of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter when I know I should be doing something productive. We all know how that story goes. You’re working hard on a project when you decide to take a “five-minute” social media break. Thirty minutes go by without you even realizing it, and suddenly the productive vibe you had going is ruined.

This year, I’m going to limit my social media use and only allow myself to go on at specific times of the day. I think this will make me more productive and help me follow through with things at a much higher pace.

#7: Update my about me page

I hate my about me page. I hate it more than anything. I wrote it over two years ago, when I was first learning to set up pages. I assumed it would be a placeholder, and that I would write something better after I got adjusted to the whole blogging thing (spoiler alert: I didn’t). In spite of how much I detest it, that same about me page is still up on my blog. Ugh. I’m annoyed with myself even thinking about it.

It’s a brand new year, and that heinous about me page has got to go. This is one of my first big plans for 2019. If I’m going to follow through with anything on this list of goals, it better be this.

fashion blogger in polka dot sweater

#8: Make a media kit 

Another somewhat tedious blogging goal I have for 2019 is make myself a media kit. I’ve got to be honest here and confess that for an absurdly long amount of time, I didn’t know what a media kit was. I would see bloggers tweet about their media kits and think to myself, “I have no idea what that is. Should I know what that is?”

Fortunately, I was able to figure things out. So, while I’m in the process of doing all these other technical/maintenance related blog things, I might as well get a media kit done, too. It might not be the most exciting thing, but I think I’ll be glad once I’ve done it.

#9: Learn more knitting stitches 

Hi, my name is Paige, and in case you didn’t know, I love knitting. I started knitting this past summer, and it quickly became one of my favorite pastimes. I’m still a novice, I’d like to broaden my knitting abilities in 2019.

#10: Promote more positive vibes 

Positivity has always been one of my goals for Currently, Lately, but I’d like to kick it up a notch this year. I’ve already started posting more positive-centric quotes on Instagram, and I think I might do a regular series relating to positivity on here (I haven’t worked out the details, but I promise you it’s happening). Overall, I would like this to be a positive, goal-oriented year. I believe a positive outlook can make a huge difference in how well one is able execute goals, and I’d really love to create something that focuses on that.

There you have it–10 goals for 2019! I’m so excited for this year and all it has in store, and I’m wishing you lots of luck in terms of your goals/resolutions! 🙂


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What are your goals for 2019?

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27 thoughts on “10 Goals For 2019

  1. I want to revamp my about me page too, I’m like you though I scoff at the idea. I want to be more creative this year myself. I’m actually thinking about quitting my cushy full time job to be a feeelance writer full time, scary but exciting stuff. I think you’ll rock your 2019 goals!

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  2. Awesome post Paige! Our goals for the year are ~almost~ Aligned minus a few. Hope to see you do a post on how your goals have been progressing!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Good luck with going self- hosted!! I am only just toying with the idea of buying a WordPress package in a bid to be more consistent with blogging. Self-hosted sounds so “grown up” blog-wise 🙂 I have zero idea what a media package is…do you perhaps have a post you can link to to explain it at all please?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! It does sound grown up, doesn’t it? I don’t have a post about it, but a media kit is kind of like a resume for your blog that contains your stats, page views, social media, etc.


  4. Cheers for you for deciding to go self-hosted this year! And also good luck on crafting a sleep schedule! I started using the Samsung Health app’s sleep tracker to set up a bit of a sleep schedule these past few months and it definitely changed my life (my body won’t even let me sleep in anymore)!

    -Liv | https://andlivloves.com/

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  5. Happy New Year!!!
    Great list there, covering a good bit of stuff! Especially love the sleep routine.
    Good luck with going self-hosted, I promise it sounds scarier than it actually is. To be fair I did think you already where which had me double taking! If you have any questions let a shout! I’m not a pro but did go through it last year so can relate to the anxiety of it all hahaha! Best wishes,

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  6. Happy New Year!!! I love knitting too 😀 hey, I’ve moved from WordPress.com to self host, the grass isn’t greener *LOL* For one, you’ll lose all your traffic from wordpress reader. WordPress reader is only for wordpress.com users (unless they’re already subscribed to you, once you’ve moved, new readers won’t discover you any more). I have shared my pain with each blogger that considered moving over. wahaha let me know if you want to know more about other pains.

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  7. I love love love these goals! I like how they’re actually realistic ways you’d like to improve your life and yourself for 2019! I just posted a list of my own goals (my posts aren’t quite your standard yet) if you’d like to check it out!

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