Easy DIY Memo Board

It has been months ages since I’ve written a home decor post, so today I decided to snap a few pictures of one of my favorite pieces in my room and share it with you all. I’m honestly stunned by how long it has been since a post like this has gone up on my blog. If you’re new to blogging, one thing you should know is that the idea that you have inside your head of what kind of blog content you will create is probably going to be a lot different than what it will actually become. When I started Currently, Lately, I expected to write decor posts all the time. I never would have anticipated that a post of this nature would be a rarity for me, but I guess it just goes to show how much people change.

Anyways, I briefly showcased this item in my last decor post, but I didn’t go into detail about it or show closeups of all the little pieces. Since I really like how this item turned out, now seemed like a good time to give it a better look.

Memo racks have been really popular over the past couple of years. They’re very Pinterest-y. Some people use them to hold actual memos, while others pin up photos of their family and friends. I decided that I would go along the inspiration board route and fill my memo board with cute photos that matched the general theme of my room. Since my room has a Tiffany blue/Audrey Hepburn theme, I decided to go with photos that captured that essence. The first photo is the iconic shot of Audrey outside the Tiffany store window in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The second is a cute graphic of a black dress on a mannequin. The third is simply the Tiffany logo.




Given the size of the memo board and each of the photos, I think that three is the perfect number. Three photos fill the space nicely without being too sparse or cluttered. I’ve debated adding a fourth item to the bottle left hand corner, but I haven’t been able to find something that fits it perfectly. (If you have any ideas, let me know!) The memo board itself is a birdcage that I picked up at TJ Maxx two summers ago for less than $15. I couldn’t find the exact item on TJ Maxx’s website, but I was able to locate it on Joann’s for a little more. I love the distressed, rustic look to this memo board. It gives off a really stylish vibe.

Anyways, that concludes this post! I know that I haven’t posted a lot decor content in the past, but I’d certainly be open to changing that.

Do you have a memo board? 


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19 thoughts on “Easy DIY Memo Board

  1. This is a lovely idea! I don’t have a memo board but it would be super helpful for all the on going projects i have! xx corinne


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