6 Things I Think Every Time I Watch Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl seems to be one of those shows everyone has seen at some point or another. I didn’t watch the show when it was ongoing. But since then, I’ve binged it on Netflix a few times.

Today I thought I would compile a list of things that have mildly confused or irritated me on Gossip Girl. I’m curious to hear if any of you have watched the series and been baffled by similar aspects.

Without further delay, let’s jump into the post!

Dan is the worst.

If there’s one thing that most Gossip Girl viewers can agree on, it’s that Dan is the worst. Whether he’s whining about how superior he is to the other characters, writing one two exposes about his friends, or being a major hypocrite, Dan is there to ruin a scene. I could honestly write an entire post about all the reasons why Dan is my least favorite Gossip Girl character. I won’t, though I could.

What happened with Chuck’s mom’s storyline?

To this day, one of the weirdest and most confusing storylines I’ve ever watched is the one with Chuck’s mom. The writers made it seem like it was going to be a big storyline, only to have her to appear in a few episodes and never be seen again. I wish they would have given us better closure. It seemed like there was more story there, but they just didn’t cover it.

How Nate get into Columbia?

One question I always find myself asking when I rewatch Gossip Girl is how in the world Nate Archibald got into Columbia on his own. At no point in the show is Nate portrayed as super ambitious or studious (except in the last two seasons when he suddenly owns a newspaper). It’s for that very reason I have a hard time buying the idea that he got into an Ivy League. Nate never applied himself in school. He always came off as the rich, carefree partier. I’m not trying to say that means he couldn’t be smart. It’s just that his character had never really shown interest in anything academic up until this point. Seems suspicious if you ask me…

Why didn’t Blair have a safety school?

Of all the outlandish storylines Gossip Girl tried to pull, this one is the most unbelievable to me. Do the writers really expect us to buy that Blair Waldorf, the queen of manipulation and methodical planning, didn’t apply to any college besides Yale? I get that going there was her lifelong dream, but it is a highly competitive school. The chances of getting in are extremely slim, even for a student like Blair. That being said, it’s strange that someone who spends the majority of her time plotting and scheming didn’t apply to at least a few safety schools. Even Blair Waldorf should have had a backup plan.

Did anyone actually graduate college?

Speaking of college…did any of Manhattan’s elite ever actually graduate? I feel like the first couple seasons of this show spent so much time building up to college, only to completely abandon the whole idea by seasons 3 or 4. I always found it funny considering how big a deal it was for characters like Dan and Blair to go to college. Especially Blair. I mean, after her lifelong dream of getting into Yale didn’t pan out, wouldn’t you have expected her to push herself even harder? It doesn’t make sense for a character whose entire identity revolved around getting into a specific college to suddenly not care about school at all.

The Gossip Girl reveal makes no sense.

I’m not going to name names in case anyone reading this has yet to finish the show, but how could I make this list and not talk about that nonsensical Gossip Girl reveal? Gossip Girl terrorized these characters for most of their lives, humiliating them and airing their secrets to the world on a daily basis. That being said, how is it possible they were able to forgive the mysterious blogger so quickly? Finding out that someone you know has been targeting you for years doesn’t seem like the type of thing a person would easily be able to let go of. And even if they were, it would certainly take a good amount of time. In my opinion, Gossip Girl got off way too easy. How could there not be any sort of consequence for doing something like that?

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Do you relate to any of these questions? 


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21 thoughts on “6 Things I Think Every Time I Watch Gossip Girl

  1. I loved Gossip Girl! I watched it when it aired and I binged it on Netflix. 🙂 I didn’t like Dan much in the beginning- I thought he was such a goody two shoes so I LOVED when he started acting like a villain. 😉 I loved Chuck. He was probably my favorite. And for the gals, I loved Blair. She embraced her evil. HAHA! Great post! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Watched Gossip Girl when it was airing and then stopped for some unknown reason. Love the show and love the drama, but your list is so 100% true!!! Am yet to finish the last seasons, but with Netflix it’s indeed binge watching time 🙂

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  3. Great post! I hate Dan too. Loved that show. Yeah for Chuck’s mother. I agree to. But I think the show simply wanted show how these kids are troubled without really getting into the details. I honestly wished that Serena didn’t choose Dan at the end.

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  4. Ahhhh I 100% agree with all of these!! Especially the college thing. They were scheming and all that to get in to the universities, then it was like eh, never mind. And Chuck’s mom thing too totally left us hanging. Great post!!!


  5. I agree with dan, he is so annoying!
    I never understood blair and Serena friendship, they always fight .
    Chair is a toxic relationship


  6. Agree with almost everything except Dan. You make a lot of sense, but you did miss out on one thing. Serena SUCKS. I just want to punch her in the face, she’s way more annoying and self righteous than anyone else in the show. Chuck rocks. Blair rocks(towards the end) And I’m glad Jenny left


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