Springtime Blog Prop Ideas

So I still haven’t got over that sickness that I mentioned in my last blog post. I wish you all could hear me cough right now. I sound like a wheezing seal. That being said, I’m once again apologizing if I don’t seem like my usual self. Hopefully I’ll be over this illness by the end of the weekend.

Anyways, it’s spring now! I realize that it’s officially been spring for a while, but it’s just recently started to warm up where I live. I feel like it can’t really be spring until the average temperature is at least fifty-five degrees. (Fahrenheit. As I went back to proofread this it dawned on me that anyone who goes by Celsius would not find fifty-five degrees to be a comfortable spring temperature).

Albeit for allergies (curse you, tree pollen), there are a lot of things that I’m excited about this spring: baby pink lipsticks, floral circle skirts, and, of course, spring flatlays. I love changing up my blog props to correspond with the season and the bright colors of springtime have me particularly pumped.

Since I’m feeling inspired photography-wise, today seemed like the perfect time to share some springtime blog props. Festive blog props add a tad of pizzazz (did I really just type that word?) to a flatlay, and, in spring’s case, a nice touch of color. I’m so ready to incorporate these in my blog (and Instagram!) photography.

What’s also so great about most of these items is that you’re likely to have them somewhere in your house. Finding things you already own to use as blog props makes it easy and cost effective. Plus, you can put some items that you may not necessarily care about to good use. So before you buy anything, search your closets and makeup bags for items with fun packaging!


Springtime flatlay blog prop ideas: 

  • Bold bathing suit tops are perfect for filling up empty spaces. They give photos a seasonal feel and look especially good alongside similarly colored makeup packaging.
  • Candles are obviously year-round blog prop staples, but the bright ones that are released for spring and summer have always looked the best to me.
  • Given that spring is the season of regrowth,  faux flowers are fantastic additions to a flatlay. I prefer working with cream ones because I think they help the other colors in the composition stand out more.
  • Bright, pink makeup products are a simple one, but they definitely achieve a spring look.
  • Stylish flatware also works well for these types of photos. The little appetizer plate that I used here is from Target, but, unfortunately, it is no longer available. Any sort of simple plate should work though.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Fingers crossed the next time I write I’m not sick!

What are your favorite springtime blog props? 



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