Perfecting the Flat Lay

When I first created this blog back in August, I had no idea how important taking good photographs would be. I would snap blurry and grainy pictures on my phone and upload them without a second thought. As I’ve continued to blog, however, I’ve started to realize how pivotal a good blog photo, specifically a flat lay, can be and how it can bring people to your blog. My highest viewed posts feature pictures that I spent time setting up and capturing.

Looking back on the earlier posts I published, I cannot believe the difference in the quality of the images that I use today. While I’m not a professional photographer and certainly have room for improvement, the change has pleasantly surprised me. Today I thought that I would share some of my flat lay strategies in the hope that it will help any bloggers seeking to improve their pictures. These tips have definitely helped me create more eye-pleasing content.

Lighting: I’m starting with the tip that I think is the most important: lighting. Good lighting can drastically transform the quality of an image. In my experience, it doesn’t matter what type of camera you use. It’s all about the light in the photo. I like to use natural light because I think it looks the most open. Taking my blog pictures near windows on cloudy or overcast days gets me the best results. In addition to that, I turn up the brightness on my camera. This makes the background appear very natural and allows the colors in the pictures to pop.

Color matching: One thing that I really believe makes a flat lay look great is when multiple items in the shot contain the same colors. It gives the image a bit of uniformity and helps solidify the flat lay. In these particular pictures, I chose hot pink as my color of focus. I added a book, a magazine, and a handful of pink makeup products and then spread them through the marble to carry the color throughout the photograph. To me, this makes the images much more appealing.


Interesting angles: Changing the angle of a photo not only allows you to use multiple shots of the same layout, but gives an image an entirely new perspective. The images here are of the exact same flat lay. I simply zoomed in on a specific area and captured the picture. This lets viewers get a better shot of the details of the products and makes the photo feel more specific. Try tilting your camera in different ways or standing at different angles as you photograph.

Popular products: It’s common sense that people are interested in viewing posts about products that they have used or recognize. Including items that your viewers may already be familiar with is a fantastic way to spike their interest. I like to place some of my favorite lipsticks and fragrances in flat lays to add a touch of personality. You can do the same thing with notebooks, jewelry, and magazines.

Simple backgrounds: Keeping your background subtle helps viewers see the items in the flat lay more clearly. If your background is too busy, it might distract the viewer from the real focus of the image. I like using white or marble backgrounds. They are simple and clean. Plus, they match everything. Not to mention that they look nice under natural lighting.

Be creative: The best way to think about a flat lay is to not think about a flat lay. Overthinking can take some of the fun and spontaneity out of taking blog photos. Once you’ve got the lighting and background you want, play around with different textures and items. Don’t try to recreate someone else’s flat lay or set it up absolutely perfect. Give yourself the freedom to create whenever inspiration strikes.

Thank you so much for reading. Although I am not an expert, I hope these tips are able to help you with your flat lays.

How do you take flat lays?



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20 thoughts on “Perfecting the Flat Lay

  1. Didn’t even know what a flat lay was haha..You’re right though, having great photos helps a great deal and just spending time to make everything clear and presentable as possible..Great post xx

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  2. This is SUCH an amazing post! I am taking tips from this! I get the lighting thing! That’s my number 1 at the start I wasn’t so worried about lighting in a picture cause I thought oh I’ll edit it to make it brighter, but TBH nothing is as good as natural lighting & pictures with good lighting do get the most likes (on Instagram). I’ve been trying to focus on he quality of my pictures as well these last two months and hopefully I’ve been doing alright 🙈 another thing I learned was that dark backgrounds don’t work well, specially with products that are white cause this weird thing happens with the contrast so I’ve been trying to avoid that! I wish I had a marble worktop to take pictures on! P.s your pictures look lovely! 💋

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