My Honest Take on Dealing With a Blogging Rut

Last month, I went through what I consider to be my first blogging rut. It was a challenging experience, but I think there’s a lot that I was able to take out of it.

For me, the first several months of blogging seemed like an endless stream of ideas. Conjuring up blog post topics was so simple. I would jot down three or four different thoughts every day. My belief is that every blogger goes through a similar experience when they start up their site. There’s so much excitement about getting your blog up and running, so your head is full of numerous ideas.

Once you’ve been blogging for months, however, generating post ideas may become a bit more difficult. For me, my recent blogging rut involved a lot of wanting to get things done, but not having the creative motivation to do it. All of the ideas that I was coming up with felt so lifeless and unoriginal. I feared my posts were getting too repetitive. As a result, I was pretty reluctant to use the topics that I thought of. It was incredibly frustrating.

I tried to deal with this sort of “blogging rut” in many different ways. I can honestly say when you’re feeling uninspired, the absolute worst thing to do is read a lot of blogs. You don’t want to pull yourself out of the situation by copying someone else’s blog. Not only does that lack creativity, but it detracts from your own voice. You have to remember that your readers read your blog for you. Don’t become a replica of someone else.

When I’m in need of a bolt of inspiration, I find that Pinterest is the best place to go. I love scrolling through stylish boards or powerful quotes in order to give myself some blogging enthusiasm. Another tactic that I find handy is to pick up a couple of new blog props. I like to purchase things like fake flowers or doilies, because they’re fun and inexpensive. These items give my blog photos enough pizazz to remind me why I enjoy blogging. Plus, I can take flat lays even if I don’t have any fresh ideas.

Overall, blogging ruts are exceptionally frustrating and can’t be cured with one specific remedy. They run their course, regardless of how you try to stop them. I think the best possible way to react to one of these situations is to look for creativity in outlets that are not blogs. If that’s unsuccessful, try stepping back from your blog altogether. You can come back to it several days later with a refreshed mind and new perspective.

How do you handle blogging ruts?



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18 thoughts on “My Honest Take on Dealing With a Blogging Rut

  1. I absolutely agree. The worst thing to me is to read a blog or see some inspiring quotes on Facebook that has me completely mirroring what they are saying. I prefer taking a break completely. If I have writer’s block – walk away, even if it is for a few days. I went three months without hitting the publish button simply because I didn’t feel in tune with my posts. Taking a break was the best thing for me.

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      1. Oh I am. I have about 15 pages of single blog line ideas for single posts or new series of posts and some partially written posts for when this happens. 😀

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  2. Good Morning! LOVED your blogging site. I struggle with blogging and perfecting my skills as I blog about Avon products and my experience as an Avon Rep. But we get better with consistent blogging doing it every day.

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