Who Says Florals Aren’t For Fall?

I am making a case for fall florals today, because I feel like they are so trendy, yet so underappreciated. Sure, we rave about floral patterns in spring and summer. But once fall rolls around, it seems our general love for floral disappears. As someone who dons floral pieces three hundred sixty-five days a year (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration…but you know what I am getting at), I have to say that this is a mistake. Florals are wonderful, and they deserve to be appreciated year-round. I mean, it’s always springtime/summertime somewhere, isn’t it?

floral black pink ootd

That being said, I went head-to-toe floral for today’s look. Mostly to prove my point about florals being ideal for fall, but also because I happen to have this stunning pair of pointed floral flats that perfectly matches my top. My ownership of these two items is purely coincidental; I didn’t get one specifically to match the other. But, sometimes, the stars align, and you end up with two pieces that fit together flawlessly. And on those rare occasions, you do not pass the opportunity up.


Here I have got my floral button-down tank top paired with my floral flats and a nice pair of plain black skinny jeans. To finish the look off, I slid on my favorite pair of sunglasses, which at this point, I think I have shown for you guys at least a dozen times (I promise I will invest in some new eyewear soon…I get too attached!).

floral shoes

I really like this look. I think it’s simple, clean and put together. Plus, if you haven’t already gathered, I love floral.

I really want to know how you feel about floral patterns in the fall. Do you like wearing floral all year round, or do you reserve it strictly for spring and summer?

Do you wear any floral patterns in the fall? 

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BTW: I know it’s technically not fall yet, but in my defense, pumpkin spice lattes are already everywhere.

25 thoughts on “Who Says Florals Aren’t For Fall?

  1. I love florals! Whatever the weather xx

    Have you checked out my new blog post? Let me know your thoughts 💗💗💗


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