The BEST Peanut Butter Milkshake

a peanut butter chocolate milkshake with a cookie on top

Sometimes all you need is a good milkshake. More specifically, a peanut butter milkshake. And today was one of those days. If you like peanut butter and chocolate, this is something you will really enjoy. It requires a few different steps, but I promise it’s worth the hassle. Presenting: The BEST Peanut Butter Milkshake PEANUT […]

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Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies

a gooey chocolate chip cookie

I don’t know about you, but I am always in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie. Honestly, is there anything better? If you feel this way too, then┬átoday I’ve got the perfect recipe for you. A gooey, soft, and delicious chocolate chip cookie. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: 2 sticks butter 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon […]

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Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle Recipe

I don’t remember the last time I posted a recipe here on Currently, Lately, but I do know that it’s been a while. And I do mean A WHILE.┬áLike, I’m pretty sure it was snowing outside the last time I decided to share something I baked. The only defense I can think of for why […]

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A Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe That You Need In Your Life

Me? Posting a cookie recipe? I know you must be shocked. It’s no secret I’ve shared a lot of cookie recipes on this blog. But it has been quite a while since I posted my last one. And as I was sitting around, trying to brainstorm blog post ideas today, I thought: why not make […]

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Soft and Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

So I was a little hesitant to write this recipe post because I’ve done a lot of cookie recipes in the past and I didn’t anyone to feel like I’m getting super redundant. But after eating a few of these chocolate chip cookies and realizing how much I liked this recipe, I felt like I […]

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Mint Chocolate Brownie Trifle

Question: What’s better than a trifle? Answer: A mint chocolate brownie trifle. With St. Patrick’s Day being yesterday, I wanted to whip up a dessert that tasted great and encapsulated the festivities of the holiday. This trifle managed to do just that. If you like mint and chocolate, you’ll fall in love with this completely. […]

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