About Me


Hey there!!

Thank you for checking out my blog! Sorry if I seem like I’m shouting at you right now. I promise that I’m not overly aggressive. I’m just really excited that you stopped by.

I’m Paige, blogger, candle hoarder, and coffee enthusiast (Hence the excessive use of exclamation points!!!). I’m an aspiring writer/journalist. Writing has been my passion since I was nine years old. I’m fascinated by the power of words and constantly seeking new ways to use them.

The idea behind this blog came to me in the summer of 2016. Inspired by many of the blogs I had read, I decided that I wanted to create my own. Thus, Currently, Lately was born. I chose the name because I desired a space where I could write about anything. While I don’t have a specific topic of interest, I tend to stick to beauty, books, fashion, and lifestyle.

Currently, Lately is a reflection of my personality and my current stream of thoughts. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy creating it! (Sorry for shouting again…)