January 2021 favorites: Lifestyle, skincare, Etc.

It’s hardly original to start a favorites post by talking about how quickly the previous month seemed to go, but honestly I can’t think of any other way to begin.

Was it just me or did January feel like it never happened? Time certainly feels unusual these days, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we’ve already crossed a month of 2021 off our calendars.

With the arrival of a new month, I thought I’d chat about some things I loved in January.

Desk planner

Surprise, surprise—a planner made my list of favorites. I got this adorable desk pad last month, and it’s helping tremendously in keeping me organized. I have the planner on the corner of my desk, so I can jot down whatever quick things I need to make note of. 

Spiced gingerbread candle

Though the Christmas season ended in December, I still burned several holiday-scented candles this month. I’ve accumulated quite the stockpile of candles over the years, but working from home has given me an excuse to use them. This spiced gingerbread candle is a sweet blend of vanilla, cinnamon sugar, and nutmeg. I burned through it a lot faster than I’d care to admit. 

Lava lamp

When I was cleaning out my closet a couple months ago, I discovered many random things I hadn’t seen in ages, including my old lava lamp. The lamp hadn’t been turned on in, like, ten years, so I was shocked when I plugged it in and realized it worked. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. I love putting it on at night before I’m about to start a book.  

Dunkin Donuts coconut iced coffee

So, here’s a thing you should know about me: I hardly ever deviate my coffee order. Whether it’s Starbucks, Dunkin, or a local shop, you can almost guarantee I’ll order an iced coffee with cream, vanilla syrup, and no sugar. It’s been my go-to drink for years. 

In a spur-of-the-moment decision last month, I decided to try Dunkin Donuts’ coconut flavor swirl, and it’s completely changed my tune on my coffee order. Though it’s not as sugary as the vanilla, the coconut flavor has the perfect amount of sweetness. If you’re looking to switch things up, you should try it. 

Body butter

Winter weather means dry skin, so naturally I’ve been relying on my favorite body butter: Tarte’s Sugar Rush Cake Butter. I won’t delve into too much detail since I did an entire post about skincare in January, but this product works so well at keeping your skin moisturized without the greasy effect of lotion. I can’t recommend enough. 


Not to throw in too much self promotion, but I couldn’t talk about my January favorites without mentioning the fact that I restarted my blog. I published my first post since April in January, with a goal of posting once a week. I haven’t missed a week since. Returning to blogging made me realize how much I truly missed it, and I can’t wait for another month of posts. 

Here’s what I wrote in January, in case you missed it!

Learn to embroider with me

Skincare products I can’t get enough of

Ok, how exactly do I blog about fashion anymore?

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

What were some of your favorite things this month?



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