7 Fashion Hacks I Swear By

I’ve decided to write something a bit more fun and laid-back today because I am in the midst of a mind-bogglingly stressful week, and it’s only Tuesday. I am sharing seven fashion hacks/tips/styling philosophies that I absolutely, 100% believe in. From color combinations to wardrobe staples, these hacks cover the entire fashion spectrum. And although they’re about my own personal tastes, I am curious to see if anyone else relates to them.

#1: If it can be high-waisted, it should be high-waisted 

From jeans to skirts, I am a big fan of the high-waisted trend. High-waisted items give off a classic vibe that I adore. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn’s style: sleek and put together. I love being able to tuck my favorite tops and blouses into a high-waisted pair of jeans or slacks. Given the option to get something high-waisted, I will always jump at the chance.

#2: Adding a statement necklace makes any outfit look a million times more put together 

When I am putting something together at the last minute, which, TBH, happens all the time, I find that putting on a statement necklace makes the outfit’s dysfunction immediately go away. Bold pieces are really excellent for creating something from nothing. I think sometimes when you put on something that’s particularly eye-catching, people just look at your outfit and assume you know what you’re doing, even if you actually don’t. So, if you see me in a statement necklace here on the blog, just know that probably threw the outfit together and hoped for the best.

#3: Navy and black DO work well together 

The rules of fashion may say otherwise, but I am a firm believer that navy and black work well together. I love pairing denim button-downs with black skirts or leggings. Navy and black is a timeless combination that deserves far more appreciation.

#4: My Go-To Outfit Formula 

In case you missed it, I did a post the other day about my go-to outfit formula, which is essentially the secret to how I dress on a daily basis. If you feel like you want to dress stylishly without putting in time or effort, this hack is for you. It makes figuring out what to wear all the more easy while still being cute.

#5: A jean jacket can make an entire outfit 

Unsure whether your outfit works? Throw a jean jacket over it. Whenever I am in a rush and desperately trying to pull a look together, I toss on my favorite light-wash denim jacket. It acts like a glue that sticks everything together.     

#6: You can never go wrong with layers

This isn’t a groundbreaking hack or anything, but it’s so handy that I felt obligated to include it. Hearing the words “dress in layers” may make you roll your eyes and think about all the times you were told it as a child, but it is admittedly a sound piece of advice.  Layers always leave you with options. Whether it’s hot or cold, you will never be uncomfortable if you wear a layered outfit.

#7: Coordinating your makeup and your outfit can be a pain, but it’s worth it 

Honestly, is there anything that makes you feel more put together than when your lipstick perfectly matches your top? Coordinating your makeup with your outfit can be a nuisance, but it’s worth it in the end because it looks so good.

Anyway, those are a few styling hacks that I believe in. I know this post wasn’t structured like they typically are, but I appreciate you all bearing with me as deal with a hectic net couple of days. I should be back with something more substantial next week!

Thanks for reading!

What are some fashion hacks you swear by? 

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6 thoughts on “7 Fashion Hacks I Swear By

  1. Yes to the Jean jacket!!! Great if you are slightly busty as can accentuate when you want and cover when you don’t want.

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