How to use contrast to create cute outfits


Unless you’re new around here, you probably already know I am a big fan. I love juxtaposing pieces that shouldn’t go together and making them work anyway. Whether it’s a distressed jean jacket paired with a stylish pair or wedges or a dark skirt worn with a whimsical sweater, I am all about finding ways to make contrast work in my wardrobe.

That being said, I thought it was time for me to do a post about creating contrast. Here are a few tips I use when I wear a contrasting outfit!

fashion blogger wears black top, camo skirt

First things first, think in opposites. 

Bright. Dark. Dressy. Casual. Sporty. Chic.

You want to pick pieces that take it to the extreme.

After all, when you incorporate contrast in your outfit, you do it to make a statement. And if you’re going to make a statement, why not make it an extremely bold one?

As you select pieces for your contrasting outfit, find ones that are as different as possible. The more dissimilar they are, the greater the statement you will make. A good way to start is to ask yourself, “OK, what two pieces would I never put together?” Then, you do exactly that.

For instance, take the outfit I’ve got on here. The top is made of crushed velvet and has a high, decorative neckline. It’s not something I look at and instantly imagine wearing with camo. Which is precisely why I did it. I threw on my favorite Converse sneakers, tied this olive green scrunchie around my wrist, and the outfit was complete.

fashion blogger wears camo skirt full shot

Another thing you will want to do is keep the contrast going throughout the entire outfit. While you’re more than likely to have focal points, details are equally as important. Find pieces and accessories that pair well with one of the themes of the outfit. It will keep the look cohesive and ultimately allow you to make your statement better.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things! If you’re worried that a look you want to try is too bold or outlandish, do it anyway. You never know how something will turn out until you give it a try. Fashion is about pushing boundaries and taking risks. In fact, I’d argue that everyone should have at least a couple of outfits they’ve worn that they now wish they hadn’t. How else would you learn what you like and dislike?

Anyway, those are some recommendations I have for creating contrast! I apologize for the short post, but I’ve had a lot going on recently. Hopefully I’ll have something a little more substantial for you later this week.


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4 thoughts on “How to use contrast to create cute outfits

  1. Yup. Today I was wearing Sorel boots, khakis that convert into shorts, and a green T-shirt from Old Navy. And I did not comb my hair.
    By the way, what are you drinking in that photo? It also adds contrast to your outfit.


  2. Contrast is something i’ve not given a trial …monochrome does it for me….i’ll be willing to give this a go


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