How blogging helps with confidence

Blogging adds to your life in many positive ways. One of the best ways blogging has changed my life has been through confidence. Since launching Currently, Lately in August of 2016, I have noticed that my confidence level has gone up. Today I thought I would share some of the ways I believe blogging improves confidence.

1). Pushing you out of your comfort zone

Point blankly, blogging can give you a confidence boost simply by pushing you out of your comfort zone. As a blogger, you have to learn to be open about yourself in ways you may have never been. You’re constantly interacting with new people, and you’re putting something you created out on the internet for virtually anyone to see. No matter how confident you already may be going into blogging, you’re bound to run into something that seems out of your typical line of comfort. And ultimately, becoming a blogger will make you a more confident person.

2). Interacting with new people

As I mentioned in the point above, blogging will enable you to interact with new people on a routinely basis. I believe this is one of the coolest aspects of blogging. It always amazes me when I see comments on my posts from people who live in countries thousands of miles away from me. That being said, being a blogger will help you become a better communicator, which, in turn, will make you a more confident person. The more people you get to meet via your blog, the more confident you’ll become.

fashion blogger wears skirt, headband

fashion blogger wears floral skirt, headband

3). Developing a stronger work ethic

Another way blogging adds to your life is by helping you develop a stronger work ethic. If you ask any blogger out there, I can almost guarantee they’ll tell you that their ability to get things done improved dramatically since they started blogging. Running a blog requires a lot of work, and if you have a lot going on in your life already, it can be hard to find time to fit it in. However, when you put in the effort, you learn how to be more efficient with your free time and, more importantly, how to get things done.

4). Becoming more comfortable having your photo taken

As my blog has shifted from primarily beauty to primarily fashion, I’ve had to become more comfortable having my picture taken. This was really difficult for me initially. In fact, one of the reasons I didn’t post much fashion-related content in my early days of blogging was because I didn’t want to take photos of myself all the time. It felt super awkward, and I had no idea how to pose. However, by powering through the initial awkwardness, I was able to get more confident in photos.

5). Learning new skills

Blogging is not just blogging. It’s writing, photographing, editing, marketing, social media promoting, and keeping up a website. Unless you’re already an expert at all of these skills, you’ll learn a lot through blogging. What’s a better confidence booster than acquiring new skills?

Bloggers, how has blogging influenced your confidence? 

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13 thoughts on “How blogging helps with confidence

  1. It’s also a great outlet for creativity and a form of therapy, in my opinion. I use mine to talk about things I’m currently processing, which has shifted as my life has shifted – starting off from makeup and beauty to being a mum. I still love makeup, fashion and beauty but they’re in a different place in my list of priorities and concerns now, along with how much time I have to devote to them (not as much!). But organising your ideas in such a visible way and, as you say, putting it out there to the world, does indeed help your confidence and your own development of who you are. x

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  2. This is such a great read and you’re so right on all the ways blogging can positively impact your confidence. A bit way it helped my confidence is it helped me realized that’s thought and opinions are valued by many across the world not just the couple people in my family and support system.loced reading this. Have a blessed day ❤

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  3. Great post! 😊 What has changed for me is that I’m more comfortable when it comes to saying my opinion or explain something about myself!
    Also I’d like to include some fashion posts in my blog but I’m so scared of having my pictures taken haha! Maybe one day 😂

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  4. It has been a form of therapy for and teaching me things about myself. Writing is always I have enjoyed but I’ve scared to put my personal life out there when I wanted to. It has been making me more confident in putting myself out there online and with people I meet


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