Formulate Review: Custom Shampoo and Conditioner + Giveaway

For as long as I can remember, my hair and I have been in a constant battle. Whether it’s too frizzy or too heavy or not the right length, I have always been able to find something that I don’t like about it. So, when Caroline over at Formulate contacted me about testing out their customized shampoos and conditioners, I was excited to see if I could find a formula that works for me.

What is Formulate?

Formulate is a personal care brand that creates shampoos and conditioners that are tailored to your preferences and needs. Using information you provide about your hair, the people over at Formulate develop a formula specific to you. All of the formulas made by Formulate are cruelty free, paraben free, preservative free, sulfate free, and dye free!

The process

To get started, you fill out a survey about your hair needs and type. The survey asks you a range of questions on topics such as hair texture, color, and moisture. Formulate also wants to know your five biggest hair goals so that your shampoo and conditioner set can be tailored to helping you achieve them. For me, the goals were anti-frizziness, color protection, deep conditioning, glossy hair, and lengthening.

Once you’ve finished the survey, the people over at Formulate use the information to start designing your shampoo and conditioner.

My experience

A couple weeks after I submitted my survey, my personalized shampoo and conditioner arrived! I was completely blown away by how pretty the packaging was. The products come in these lovely hexagonal bottles. Included in the box was also a card that explained my hair needs and gave me insight into the ingredients in the products. Some of the ingredients includes in my shampoo and conditioner were lactic acid, which strips away dirt, aloe vera, which conditions hair, and sweet almond oil, which promotes hair growth. It was cool to see a company so open about the ingredients going into the products, as that’s something you don’t experience too often. It honestly made me feel 100 times better about switching to a new shampoo and conditioner (something I had been on the fence about before).   

I began using my new shampoo and conditioner almost immediately. I typically wash my hair every 1-2 days, depending on how greasy it is (and, tbh, the amount of dry shampoo I have in my cabinet). The first night I used my Formulate shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt greasy afterward. Caroline mentioned to me that many people experience greasiness after their first use, but that it goes away by the next use, which it did for me. Other than that first time, I didn’t have any issues with the formula. My hair felt clean, smooth, and refreshed.

One of the biggest differences I noticed in my hair once I started using my Formulate shampoo and conditioner consistently was the level of frizziness. Unless I apply a de-frizz product to my hair, I tend to have a lot of flyaway hairs. And I am happy to report that the number of them that appear on my head on a daily basis has reduced significantly. My hair has also seemed a lot more glossy.

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my experience with Formulate. From the initial survey to the products themselves, everything has been great. It’s clear to me that Formulate really wants to make sure you receive a product you love. Although $49 for a shampoo and conditioner set can be steep, it is definitely effective. If you’re looking to invest in your hair, this is a good way to do it.


Formulate has kindly allowed me to give a customized shampoo and conditioner set away to one of you! If you follow this link and click on the ‘enter my giveaway’ button, you’ll be entered for a chance win! 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear about your haircare struggles in the comments!

Have you tried custom shampoo and conditioner?

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3 thoughts on “Formulate Review: Custom Shampoo and Conditioner + Giveaway

  1. Great post! Can’t wait to read more on your blog, it looks amazing 🌸 I’d love so much if you could check my latest post out and leave me some feedback! ✨

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  2. Ooo I have heard quite a lot lately about these personalised shampoo & conditioners. They sound like such a good idea. Lovely post & I’ll be sure to enter the giveaway xxx


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