All the Cookies You Need to Bake This Holiday Season

The way I see it, the holidays would not be complete without cookie baking. One of my favorite traditions around this time of year is to gather a bunch of different cookie recipes and start baking. With all the chaos that the holiday season ensues, baking can be such a huge stress relief. And since I know I’m not the only one who feels more stressed than normal right now, I figured it might be useful to share some delicious holiday cookie recipes.

So, if you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, find a cookie recipe that sounds good to you and bake. What could be a better cure to your worries than cookie dough?

Okay, so maybe cookie dough won’t be the solution your problems. But seriously…it helps.

ANYWAY, here you go.


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – Chocolate crinkle cookies are basically brownies in cookie form. They are amazingly soft and chewy. A great dessert to pair with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold evening.

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies – The peanut butter blossom is my all-time favorite cookie. It’s a peanut butter sugar cookie topped with a chocolate kiss. It’s the perfect balance between peanut butter and chocolate and sugary enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate chip cookies are considered classics for a reason. Soft, warm, and delicious, a chocolate chip cookie is the ultimate comfort food. If you are caught up in holiday stress, a batch of these cookies might be just what you need.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies – In the same vein as chocolate chip cookies are cherry chocolate chip cookies. These cookies are packed with flavor and the little bits of red cherry that are scattered through the dough look very festive.

Pecan Pie Cookies – If you aren’t a big chocolate person, my advice would be to make a batch of pecan pie cookies. These are both cute and sweet.

I hope baking can be as de-stressing for you as it has been for me! Make sure to let me know if you try any of these recipes. I would love to hear about how they went.

What’s your favorite kind of cookie? 

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3 thoughts on “All the Cookies You Need to Bake This Holiday Season

  1. Oatmeal chocolate chip! But it’s not very Christmasy. For the holidays, we love Italian cookies. I love anise cookies. They’re not for everyone. Second fave, pignoli (the g is silent) it’s Italian for pine nuts, which are rolled onto an almond paste cookie. Or crowd-pleaser, Sugar cookies dyed the colors of the season! Am I Italian? No. But my Grandmother-in-Law was!


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