Blogmas Post Ideas 

Coming up with Blogmas post ideas can be tricky. There are definitely some days during this time of year when I know need to get cranking on a post, but I feel so uninspired and unmotivated that I cannot bring myself to do it. That being said, I like to prepare myself for days like these by drafting lists of blog post ideas. Sometimes having even the simplest idea can make all the difference.

So, if you’re in a bind or you’re simply not feeing creative, here are a few Blogmas post ideas you can use to get yourself going.


1. Post photos of your holiday decorations, along with decorating tips

2. Share a photo from your most memorable Christmas

3. Participate in a holiday-themed tag

4. Post your favorite holiday drink recipe

5. Share your Christmas wishlist

6. Provide tips for saving money during the holidays

7. Talk about your must-have winter beauty and skincare products

8. Post tips for hosting a holiday party

9. Share a day in your life: holiday edition

10. Offer your tips for getting through Blogmas

11. Post your winter workout/fitness routine

12. Share simple and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas

13. Write about things you dislike about the holidays

14. Share your best gift wrapping advice

15. Do a holiday lookbook

16. Create a unique gift guide (ex. Gifts to Get For Someone You Don’t Know Well)

17. Talk about things you do to get in the holiday spirit

18. Share what you are thankful for this holiday season

19. Create a cheerful playlist

20. Post a photo of your Christmas tree

21. Share a list of fun winter activities

22. Write about what you love about the holidays

23. Do a post full of all your favorite holiday recipes

24. Build a gingerbread house and share the results

25. Offer tips for getting your holiday shopping done early


25 Blogmas Post Ideas

100 Blog Post Ideas

Thank you for reading! I hope this post can be of use to you this Blogmas!

What are some Blogmas post ideas of your own?

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