Why I Don’t Like Christmas Music

Now that the holidays are starting to get closer, I feel like I should talk about one of my least favorite things the holiday season.

I don’t like Christmas music.

I have never enjoyed Christmas music, and I probably never will. While I really love this time of year, I have always thought of Christmas music as annoying rather than festive, which I suspect has something to do with how early it starts getting played.

I don’t know early you start hearing it, but in my experience, the overflow of Christmas music begins around early to mid October. Before it even reaches Halloween, I’ve heard all of the Christmas songs at least once. That, combined with the fact that stores are already decorated with bows, lights, and trees, has turned me off to Christmas music completely.

Seriously…from October to December, Christmas music feels pretty much inescapable. You can’t go anywhere and expect not to hear it. It’s constantly blasting out of every speaker in every store, every restaurant, and every public place imaginable.

In fact, I actually think Christmas music wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t so impossible to avoid. Having to hear it all the time is probably the main reason I ended up disliking it.

Anyway, that’s my two-cents on Christmas music. I’m not trying to be a Scrooge or put down anybody who likes it, but personally, it just isn’t my thing.

Now that I’ve explained my feelings on the subject, I would love to get some other opinions as well. Do you like Christmas music? Do you hate it? Do you have mixed feelings about it? Let’s discuss.

Thank you so much for reading! Talk again tomorrow.

Do you like Christmas music? Why or why not? 

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17 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Christmas Music

  1. I agree that Christmas music gets so overplayed, and as a whole we seem try to stretch out the holiday season a little too long for my liking. I agree; when you don’t hear xmas music as much, it’s a much more pleasant experience!


  2. Hahaha!! 😂 I don’t particularly enjoy Christmas music either, it gets so annoying when you keep hearing all the time…!!! The only time I can bear it, is when I do the christmas tree, just for the atmosphere 😂


  3. I love Christmas but I agree that the long long build up to it leaves people exhausted and tired, particularly of Christmas tunes. Most Christmas music is pretty awful but there are a few legitimate bangers, with the Pogues Fairy Tale of New York topping the list. They really transcend the Christmas genre and turn the track into a beautiful and tragic story where Christmas is the backdrop. There’s also… Our new Christmas song which is somewhat silly but a hell of a lot better than Feed the World. Check it out, see how you feel about it. It’s probably not going to make you rethink your (totally understandable) view on Christmas music, but it might raise a chuckle or a smile.


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