Stripes Are the Best.

fashion blogger twirling in striped dress

Today we’re talking about stripes.

Because I’ve come to the realization that stripes are just the best.

Why do I love stripes as much as I do?

Well, for starters…


Dresses. Skirts. Rompers. Tees. Jumpsuits. The possibilities for what you can do with stripes are limitless. Not only do they work with laid-back outfits, they also they also fit well with dressy ones.

One of my favorite striped looks is this navy blue mock neck dress, which I would say lies directly between dressy and casual (Dressy-casual? That’s a thing, right?). Anyway, this cotton dress is super light and flouncy, and the stripes give it the perfect amount of style and flair. They’re very thin and subtle, and I think it creates an interesting look from afar.

What’s also great about striped pieces like this is that the way you style them can totally change the occasion they’re meant for. Pairing this dress with maroon booties, minimal silver jewelry, and rose tinted sunglasses, I was able to create a look that worked for dressy afternoons and evenings. However, if I had decided to switch to a pair of tennis shoes or sandals, the dress would have been perfect for a casual day.

Dressed up or dressed down, stripes just work.

striped dress ootd

striped dress full ootd

Another thing to love about stripes?


While their popularity may rise and fall, stripes are ageless in the realm of fashion. Stripes have never and will never go out of style. Simple as that. Immune to changes in trend and style, striped pieces make long-lasting additions to your wardrobe. Unlike other fads that continue to come and go, stripes are always in season. Winter, summer, spring, or fall, you can find a way to transform a striped piece into a fashionable outfit.

In conclusion, stripes are wonderful, and they deserve more credit than they get. Did I need to devote an entire blog post to them? Probably not. But I’m doing it anyway, and I have no regrets about it.

Do you love stripes as much as I do? 

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