Beauty Products I Can’t Stand

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For the most part, I talk about things that I love here on the blog. But sometimes it’s fun to break from personal convention and chat about things that I hate. And that’s exactly what I will be doing today.

Here are three beauty-related products that I just can’t stand, as well as my defense against them:

Face primer

I know I’ve mentioned my hatred for face primer several times in the past, but if I was going to write a post about beauty items I just simply CANNOT get into, I had to include it. To me, there is nothing worse than the consistency of face primer. It’s too slick and too greasy for my liking. But my biggest problem with face primer is that I’ve really never felt like it has made a difference in the way my makeup sits on my face.

I will admit that recently I’ve come around to products that work as both a primer and a moisturizer. I’ve been using the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer, which is a two-in-one primer and moisturizer, and I have no complaints. The consistency is more like a moisturizer than a primer, which is probably the reason why.

Perfumes (for the most part)

The appearance of perfume on this list is mostly due to the fact that I have extreme sensitivity when it comes to fragrances, which up until a few months ago, I didn’t realize was, like, an actual thing. For as long as I can remember, I’ve exhibited allergy symptoms when in the presence of strong perfumes. Whenever I’d walk through the fragrance section of a department store, I would start sneezing and developing a headache. Yet for some reason, it never occurred to me to think ‘hey, I might be allergic to this.’ Hindsight is 20/20, I guess.

ANYWAY, the point is that I’m not a fan of perfume. Fragrances are nice and everything, but as far as I am concerned, the cons are far greater than the pros. I would rather not sneeze all day just so I can wear a perfume.


I don’t totally hate blush. I just never use it. So, whenever I clean out my makeup collection, and I find an old rouge that I’ve purchased and never worn, I get annoyed with both it and myself. Another reason I have a difficult time liking blush is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to apply nicely. Every time I’ve ever used blush in my life, I’ve ended up looking like I have a horrible sunburn. I don’t understand blush, and I doubt I ever will.

Those are just a few of the beauty products I could do without. I would love to hear about the items you dislike, and I am curious to see if we have any similarities!


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26 thoughts on “Beauty Products I Can’t Stand

  1. Very interesting blog post! I love the concept, it is so refreshing because we usually always write about our favourite products!
    I totally feel you on the primer thing, but I must say that I’m slowly getting into it after noticing that my T zone was getting oily in the afternoon and the primer really helped with that.

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  2. I use BareMinerals primer and I’d never used another primer before but yeah it’s really slick, what’s up with that hah. When I try to use blush I’d have a vision of pretty rosey cheeks, nope! One side is too dark and the other side is usually not even.

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  3. I’m with you on the Purfume. Or cologne, we’re equal opportunities. My husband got so used to his cologne, one day I caught him doing 8! sprays. I had to do an intervention. And my MiL always wore purfume, kissed my cheek and rubbed some one me so I kept getting wiffs of it all day. Great. Change my sweater. It’s just not worth that kind of infringement into the noses of anyone who shares a room with you.

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  4. Definitely agree with blush! I’ve never used it, just because I never know how to put it on properly so that it looks nice, but mostly because if I’m out with friends on a night out, my cheeks end up getting pretty red anywhere so its totally pointless for me! I also haven’t found one that really goes well with my skin-tone, but I’m sure there’s one out there. xx

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  5. Totally agree with the primer, I find that it does nothing for my skin. I have pink undertones anyway so I’ve never really needed to use blush, I only ever used it for when I was in dance concerts when I was younger.

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  6. Hahahaha, I honestly can’t agree with you, I love smelling perfumes and I also love blush 😂 I kind of agree with you about the primer thing, though. For me, the only good thing about it, is that you can wear it alone and it makes a natural look but still smooths your pores and makes your skin look better. Otherwise, I didn’t notice any difference at all for makeup!


  7. Swimming against the current is always a fun idea. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the products you dislike. It is refreshing to read truth every once in a while. Not to say that peoples positivity is not always true. What we mean is that reading about the cons makes the people writing about their dislike relatable.
    Keep it up! But not too much, because negative Nancy’s are not always fun. 🙂


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