Blogger Problems: Social Media Edition

Sometimes it’s fun to point out a few of the ridiculous (and to be honest, petty) problems that many of us bloggers can relate to. I did a post like this a while back, and it was so much fun to read through the comments and see all the things we had in common. Which is why today I am bringing you Blogger Problems: Social Media Edition.

As I am sure you are well aware, social media play an important role in running a blog. The way I see it, this is both a blessing and a curse. Having social media accounts can be fun and all, but it can also be frustrating. Here are some of the most annoying instances.

When you put up a new blog post and frantically start posting about it on all your social media accounts at once.


When running several social media accounts feels too overwhelming, and you want to delete everything and hide under a rock.


When you haven’t had the time to engage on social media, and you feel completely out of the loop.


When you have no content prepared, and you haven’t posted in a couple of days.


When you feel like you’re posting too much self-promo and you’re annoying your followers.


When you want to post a photo you’ve taken on Instagram, but it doesn’t fit your feed’s aesthetic.


When you want to post on Instagram, but you’re too tired/lazy to write out a whole caption.


When your engagement suddenly drops because of changes to the algorithm, and you start to go into disaster mode.


When you haven’t tweeted in a few days, but you feel like you have nothing to say.


When your profile is super organized and put together on one platform, but a total ghost town on another.


When you actually manage to post consistently on all of your accounts, and you feel way more productive than you should.



Blogger Problems

The Pros and Cons of Being A Blogger

Have you experienced any social media “problems” ? 

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