The Easiest Hairstyles Ever

the easiest hairstyles ever

Something you should know about me is that for a fashion blogger, I’m pretty lousy when it comes to hair. The lousiest, actually. I’ve always had naturally thick hair. So, growing up, I never had the patience (or the energy) to deal with it. I still don’t, to be perfectly blunt about it. But I’ve since figured out a few ways to make my hair look styled without putting too much energy into it (because who doesn’t love getting great results with minimal effort)?

That being said, today I’m sharing with you four of the easiest hairstyles ever. No time, no skill, no problem. These hairstyles don’t require you to be an expert. In fact, they don’t require you to be patient at all.

So, if you’re looking for something fast and easy to do with your hair in the mornings, here are some fun options!


striped closeup

You should know when I call these the “easiest braids ever,” I completely mean it. I discovered this hack a few months ago, and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. I’ve always loved the look of French braids and Dutch braids, but I couldn’t do them to save my life. This technique gives you that complicated-looking braid without all the complication. If you like the look of braids, but have a hard time executing them, this trick is for you. It’s easiest to do when your hair is straightened, but it should work even if you’ve got a bit of waviness.


6 clear elastics

2 ponytails

a brush


  1. Part your hair down the middle and separate it into two equal sections.
  2. Take one of the separated sections of hair and take it in a pigtail. (This doesn’t have to be perfect or anything because it’s just so you can keep it out of your way while you work).
  3. Take the section of hair that isn’t in a pigtail and split that into three equal sections. You should have four sections of hair in total at this point. (Three smaller sections on one side and the pigtail on the other).
  4. Do a simple three-strand braid on each of the smaller sections of hair.
  5. After you have the three sections of hair braided, braid all of them together.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 on the other side of your hair.


striped dress full ootd

A great way to make the most out of the braids is to leave them in overnight. When you take them out the next morning, you’ll have the prettiest, natural-looking waves. Not only does this give you two hairstyles from the work of one, it also gives you a good reason not to wash your hair the night before (which, if you dread washing your hair as much as I do, is good enough in and of itself).




  1. Sleep with your hair in the “easiest braids ever”.


blue florals sunnies ootd

This is a really easy trick if you’re looking to spruce up your basic ponytail. It requires just about zero time, and it keeps your hair out of your face all day. If your hair is on the straight or wavy side, this is a good one for you.


1 ponytail

a flatiron


  1. Put your hair in a low ponytail.
  2. Using a flatiron, curl up the ends of your hair.


long haired pony close up.jpg

I’m definitely not the first person to do of this final hairstyle, but I wasn’t aware of it until a few months ago, so I’m passing it along anyway. This is the perfect trick for those of you with medium-length hair like mine. It’s an easy way to make your ponytail look longer and fuller. You’ll be able to trick anyone into thinking your hair is longer than it actually is.


2 ponytails

a hairbrush


  1. Run a brush through your hair, making sure to untangle any knots.
  2. Pull your hair back as if you are about to form a ponytail and split your hair into two sections (one on top, one on bottom).
  3. With the bottom section of hair, form a low ponytail (the lower, the better).
  4. With the top section of hair, form another ponytail. Keep this one up high, towards the top of your head.
  5. Fluff out the top ponytail, so that it fully covers the bottom one.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are able to get some use out of these hairstyles.


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What’s an easy hairstyle you like to do? 

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  1. Amazing post, this is so helpful and I’m sure lots of people will try these out, I know I will, I’ve just washed my hair (which yes, I agree with you, it’s something to dread!) And I am about to try the easiest braid ever 🙂

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