How to Maintain A Cohesive Instagram Feed

how to maintain a cohesive Instagram feed

I’ve been using an Instagram account for my blog for about two years now. In that time frame, I’ve gone back-and-forth with creating a cohesive feed and not creating a cohesive feed. There are benefits to each strategy. With a cohesive feed, your photos flow together well and look really polished and organized. But with a feed that isn’t cohesive, on the other hand, you don’t have restrictions placed on what you can and can’t post.

After experimenting with both of these methods, I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me would be to take a “middle ground” of sorts. I have a general idea of how I like my Instagram feed to look, but I don’t mind breaking it every now and then if a good photo comes along.

Today I thought I would talk about how I maintain this sense of cohesiveness on my Instagram page. I’ve done several posts about Instagram in the past, and they’ve seemed to go over well. So, if you like seeing posts on the subject, feel free to let me know. Instagram is a wide, ever-changing topic, so I am sure there is plenty more for me to discuss.

Anyway, these are a few tips that I have for anyone looking to add some cohesiveness to their Instagram!

Keep in mind all photos are different

One thing you should think about when trying to create a cohesive Instagram feed is that no photo is exactly the same. Every shot you take has its own characteristics that need to be considered, which means there is no “one-size-fits-all” editing technique. Elements like shadows and lighting can make two images that have been edited precisely the same look completely different.

To put this into perspective (because what’s better than a visual aid?), take a look at the photos I have below. These two photographs were edited exactly the same. However, since the original shots had such different lighting, they didn’t end up looking the same after editing.


That being said, remember to keep your focus solely on the photo you’re editing. No umbrella editing techniques are going to make your feed look cohesive. Sometimes you’re going to have to do different things in order to achieve the look you’re hoping for.

Share what doesn’t fit on stories

The worst thing about having a cohesive Instagram feed is that it limits what you can post tremendously. More often than not, you’ll snap a photo you really like and catch yourself thinking, “I can’t post this” because it doesn’t go with the vibe of your feed.

That’s where Instagram stories come in. I really love the story feature on Instagram because it allows you to share less polished content without disrupting the look of your feed. If I have a photo that doesn’t fit well with my feed, I’ll still share it–just through my stories instead. This way the image still goes to use, even if it doesn’t match my feed.

Think about key colors

As you try to figure out the look of your Instagram, I would definitely recommend picking out a few key colors and incorporating them as much as possible. On my feed, the vibe is mostly white and muted gray. Keeping that in mind, I am able to frame and shoot photos that have those colors in them, making them look more cohesive.

Compare before you post

Another thing you might want to do to help your Instagram appear more cohesive is examine your most recent posts. I like to take a quick glance over my latest photos that way I can determine whether or not the one I intend to post is going to blend in with the rest of my feed. Sometimes a photo will work. Sometimes a photo will need to be scrapped (and used for Insta stories!). This is the stage when you can figure that out.

Well, those are some things I do in order to keep my Instagram cohesive! I would love to hear about your Instagram as well. Do you have a theme? Do you post whatever you want? Do you overanalyze Instagram like I do? GUYS, I WANT TO KNOW.


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10 thoughts on “How to Maintain A Cohesive Instagram Feed

  1. Haha, I can relate. I’m in the “cohesive feed” phase now. I’m using A Color Story to preview my upcoming posts and add the same light filter to them. I’m trying to get slightly darker posts to the right of my gallery and brighter ones to the left, but it’s been tricky. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject!


  2. You’ve seen my Instagram Paige. Lol I try to keep my blog images the same for the sake of easiness and so that they look similar to the ones I use on the blog. But for the most part, random posting is my friend.

    Though I will say mine flows like a hodgepodge. But it somewhat all goes together.


  3. I used to have a pink flatlay theme when I started blogging and looking back at it honestly makes me cringe!! I downloaded the Planoly app which allows you to load up a photo to see how it looks on your insta page before actually posting it. Such a fab idea and used it all the time but these days I don’t have a theme. I only post high quality imagery so that brands can see I can make their product look nice 😇. That’s the theory anyway! I see loads of “orange tinted” accounts these days but it’s not my thing! Just distorts colours and makes skin look really overly tanned and grainy. Each to their own though I suppose!
    Fab, informative post as always!

    Samantha x


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