Fashion Blogging and the Myth of the Never-Ending Closet

As I am shuffling through my closet late on a Saturday night, trying to decide what outfit I’ll be wearing for my next blog post, I find myself rejecting a lot of my favorite pieces. The jean jacket that I wear all the time. My go-to pair of flats. The sunglasses I legitimately always carry with me. Even though these items are some of the most routinely used in my wardrobe, I just can’t seem to bring myself to include them in my newest post.


Because I’ve worn them on the blog before.

*shrieks in horror*

I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal. And it wasn’t for a long time. When I first started posting fashion content here on Currently, Lately, I didn’t think about how many times I had worn a certain pair of sunglasses or shown off a specific jacket. If I liked the way an outfit looked, I posted about it. It didn’t matter if I had already done it in the past.

But things have changed since then. And as the fashion element of this blog has expanded, I’ve caught myself wondering on many different occasions whether or not I post enough variety clothing-wise.

polka dot skirt


TOP (similar): Express

SKIRT* (similar): Forever 21

BOOTS* (similar): Off 5th

SUNGLASSES* (similar): Nordstrom

The thing is, with all the fashion content that’s out there on the Internet, it’s hard not feel like wearing the same pieces several times isn’t good enough. Looking at other bloggers, particularly on social media, you think they must be going out every week and buying an entirely new wardrobe. Every outfit they post appears to contain an entirely new set of pieces and accessories. And, sometimes, it can leave you wondering, “how do they do it?”

In a lot of cases, they don’t. Which brings me to the point of this post. The myth of the never-ending closet.

I feel like social media platforms often create this illusion that fashion bloggers have an endless supply of clothing. Well, I am here today to tell you that just isn’t the truth. Though I obviously can’t speak on behalf of every blogger, I can say from personal experience that blogging about clothing doesn’t mean you have to have a boundless wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 12.34.31 AM

Like just about everything posted on social media, fashion blogging gives people a very small, picture-perfect window of what a person’s life is actually like. It makes things seem a lot more glamorous and put together than they truly are. And in doing so, it makes a lot of people (myself, at times, included) feel like what they are doing isn’t nearly enough.

I think the important thing to remember is that the myth of a never-ending closet is exactly that: a myth. Being a fashion blogger doesn’t mean you need to own a million different outfits or shop every single day of your life. It’s perfectly okay to blog about what you wear, even if that means you repeat a few pieces. Fashion blogging is about fun and self-expression. You shouldn’t feel pressured to live up to the unrealistic standards portrayed across social media.

That being said, I am going to try to remind myself of this the next time I am looking through my closet, trying to plan a new lookbook. Because when it comes down to it, it isn’t fair or reasonable for somebody to expect themselves to have an endless supply of clothing.

Do you ever feel pressured to have more clothes because of social media? 

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8 thoughts on “Fashion Blogging and the Myth of the Never-Ending Closet

  1. Unpopular opinion but I think the majority possibly buy clothes, take photos and send the items back. ASOS klarna must be a bloggers dream haha. I’m not saying they all do it ( or that you do)! But certainly must be tempting. Normal ppl can’t afford to buy endless clothing and keep it all! Great post.

    Samantha x

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    1. I agree! Klarna is so good for that, not that ive done it either haha, but could 100% see why someone would if theyre into fashion and cant afford to keep buying new clothes for new blog posts!

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  2. My first blog was very fashion centric and I definitely struggled to post OOTDs as much as I wanted because I definitely felt inadequate in comparison to fashion bloggers who always had something new. I shopped a lot at thrift stores to bulk up my wardrobe, which added a really unique touch to my outfits but also meant that I ended up with pieces I didn’t truly love. Now my problem is less “I should own more things” and more “I own a lot of very similar things because I only want to wear the same 5 things” which is still not great for blogging!

    -Liv |


  3. Great post! 😊 I kind of feel the same sometimes, it looks like some girls have a huuuge amount of clothes and since I don’t it makes me want to buy more items. I usually end up frustrated because I can’t afford it 😦 but I think you’re right, and fashion blogging is about your personal vision of fashion and style so with your own clothes 😊 also it’s easy to create different outfits with different clothes but creating new outfits reusinf some items requires some skills and it’s definitely useful 😉


  4. I am so guilty of overthinking outfits because I have a blog or insta post in mind! It makes packing a minefield! But repeating clothes is so relatable so I’m doing my best not to perpetuate the myth that you need to constantly be buying things. Especially as I got into blogging because I love fashion, and if you really love something you want to wear it all the time!


  5. YES!!! This is so true! I feel inadequate more than I should because of the way positive, smiling, beautiful posts actually make us feel negative. It’s crazy, really! I have a great wardrobe, but when I scroll through followed accounts, it suddenly feels not good enough and certainly NOT fresh and new. The double edged sword of social media, blogging and fashion 😦 Thank you for this post! I would love to reblog it!!


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