Blair Waldorf Vibes

I feel like I begin just about every blog post with “you’ll never believe what I thrifted,” but I can’t help myself. I love a good deal, okay?

I mentioned in a haul post I did last summer that I had recently purchased a gold bubble skirt that I was really excited about wearing. If you read the post, you might recall me saying that I thought it looked like something Blair Waldorf (an iconic character from Gossip Girl, for those of you who haven’t seen the show…seriously, you need to binge-watch the whole thing ASAP) would wear.

Flash forward to today. As I’m browsing through Pinterest, guess what I discover? Blair did wear a skirt similar to this one. My gut is telling me the queen of the Upper East Side probably didn’t find hers for $5 at a thrift shop, but I’m ecstatic nonetheless.

I decided to keep the rest of my outfit pretty simple, allowing the skirt to be the main focus. I went with a basic high-neck tank top, tights, and a pair of simple ballet flats. I have this top in pink as well, and I really like it. It’s comfy, and it goes with just about everything.

The last thing I added to the outfit was my favorite pair of oversized sunglasses. I wear these sunglasses all the time, and I felt like they worked well with the rest of this outfit.

outfit Blair waldorf inspired


TOP*: Planet Gold

SKIRT: J. Crew

TIGHTS* (similar): ASOS

Thank you so much for reading!

What’s a fashion trend you’ve been into recently?

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