How to Stay Productive While Taking A Break From Technology

In my opinion, the biggest downfall to being a blogger is feeling like you must be constantly connected.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the idea of detaching yourself from your online presence seem really, really difficult? I feel so out of the loop when I’m not putting up content on one of my social medias or scrolling through my Twitter feed.

And although I love being connected, at the same time, I also hate it. It’s hard to get away from technology, especially when you use it for a lot of your work. You want to take a break from it, but you want to be productive, forcing you to answer the question: Should I give myself time away from the Internet or should I be productive today?

That being said, today I want to share some of my favorite ways of being productive sans technology. If you’ve ever experienced a struggle like this, hopefully you can relate and maybe even find some inspiration!

Break out your planner 

If you don’t use a physical planner, I highly recommend you get one. Having a planner you can open up and use separately from your phone or laptop can provide you with an easy way to stay productive away from technology.

Besides planning out what you need to get done in the upcoming days, you can use your planner to jot down mini to-do lists or even as a place for inspiration. For example, I have specific pages in my planner that I devote to writing blog post ideas, random doodles or any sort of thoughts that pop in my head. It really is one of the best ways for me to stay busy even when I don’t have a computer in front of my face.

Do some cooking/meal prep 

Cooking can be a great activity for when you need to step away from your laptop screen. Now I’ll be honest and admit I have never meal prepped in my life, but I know a lot of people do it on a routinely basis (kudos to you! Like, HOW?!), so it might be a good idea to get that out of the way. It’s productive and gets you about as far from technology as possible.

Go for a run 

By now, any of you who have read Currently, Lately for an extended period of time probably know that I love to run. And because I love to run so much, I felt like it deserved it own space on this list, too.

I don’t really think I need to go into the specific benefits of running because…well…it’s running. But I will say that in addition to all the obvious health benefits of running, the activity can be a major source of relief when you feel as though you need a hiatus from your electronic devices.


Cleaning and organizing is one of my favorite ways of being productive. We all have those spaces/rooms/drawers that could use a little refreshing, so it’s never a bad idea to break out a few cleaning supplies. Personally, I like to put on a good Spotify playlist (which is kind of using technology, but not really…right?) and reorganize my closet or my ever-growing pile of shoes (you can never have too many pairs of flats, can you?)

Anyway, that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed reading and that you have a lovely remainder of your evening 🙂

As always, thank you for reading!

What are some productive things you like to do that don’t involve technology? 

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11 thoughts on “How to Stay Productive While Taking A Break From Technology

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  2. Reading printed books and writing on paper work for me. I always have a notebook with me I leave my home. I enjoy planning and jotting down ideas with a pen even when I have a digital device with me.


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