Yes, I Am An Outfit Repeater

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say: What’s so wrong with outfit repeating?

That bad rep that surrounds the concept of outfit repeating has never made sense to me. If I style something and I really like the way it looks, why wouldn’t I wear it multiple times?

This is a look that I’ve worn a couple of times in the past, as I think it makes for a great transition summer-to-fall. We’re in that time of year right now when it’s technically fall, but the weather has yet to realize that. But summer-like temperatures don’t necessarily have to stop you from wearing your favorite fall pieces, as long as you tailor them to the weather.

hello fall outfit


Top* (similar): Dynamite

SKIRT* (similar): South Moon Under

BOOTS (similar): Unisa

hello fall skirt ootd

For today’s (recycled) look, I went with a brown color scheme that I felt captured the essence of autumn without being too heavy for the warmer weather. This olive green skirt has been a staple of my fall wardrobe for ages. (I’m going to spare you the camo joke, but know that I seriously thought about making one). The fabric is super light and comfortable. Also, while you might not be able to see it here, the skirt has pretty floral detailing on the lace overlay.

To complement the skirt, I wore this ribbed brown halter top. I got this top at a thrift store (so shocking, I know) for, like, $4. It’s both comfortable and versatile. Finally, I slipped on a pair of brown booties.

Simple, comfy, and perfect for early fall, this outfit is a go-to of mine around this time of year. I love it, and I certainly don’t mind the fact that I’ve worn it several times.

Are you an outfit repeater?

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20 thoughts on “Yes, I Am An Outfit Repeater

  1. Why not repeat outfits if you like them? I also find it quite funny when media criticizes women for wearing the same clothes twice. It is not ecological to get rid of clothes just because you already wore them once. And same for the outfit. If it looks good and you feel good in it you should wear it. I do it all the time and it is a huge time saver.

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  2. I’m a for repeating outfits, if I love it I’ll wear it to death! We’re all a little guilty of that I’m sure. I love the brown theme, it’s a perfect choice for autumn. Looks fab with the boots too!

    Samantha x


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