50 Blog Post Ideas: For Those Days When Inspiration Is Nonexistent

If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple of months, chances are you’ve fallen into a “blogging rut” at some point or another.

If you’ve been blogging for more than a couple of months, and you have no idea what a blogging rut is, consider yourself lucky. Oh, and teach me your secrets.

That being said, blogging ruts can be pretty draining. Getting content written and scheduled is difficult enough on a good day. So, when it seems like you’re completely devoid of creativity, it can be pretty much impossible.

To help out anybody currently going through this, today I thought I’d type up a list of fifty  blog post ideas. Lists like this have been incredibly useful to me during my blogging ruts. And since I made something similar to this a while ago, I figured it was time for a fresh one.

Since I’m a lifestyle blogger, I should preface that a lot of these prompts fall into that category. However, even if you aren’t a lifestyle blogger, hopefully you’ll be able to find something that fits into your niche!

50 Blog Post Ideas

1. A list of your favorite inspirational quotes

2. Your current fitness routine

3. Beauty products you couldn’t live without

4. Blog you’re currently loving

5. Monthly/weekly/daily goals

6. Top 5 favorite shows on Netflix

7. Some unpopular opinions you hold

8. A reaction to your first blog post

9. The reason you started blogging

10. Things you dislike about blogging

11. 10 fun facts about yourself

12. What’s in your bag/purse

13. Photos from your most memorable vacation

14. Places you’d like to travel

15. Top 5 favorite books

16. A list of your favorite beauty brands

17. How blogging has changed your life

18. A recipe you love

19. Your favorite apps for blogging

20. Your top 5 favorite candles

21. A story about a time you overcame something

22. A Q & A or FAQs

23. Where you see yourself 10 years from now

24. Your biggest role models/inspirations

25. A promotional post for your blog’s social media

26. Your favorite albums of all-time

27. Tips for working with brands

28.  Things you wish you knew before you started blogging

29. Your favorite Instagram photos

30. A story about your pet

31. Your favorite piece of clothing

32. A makeup or clothing haul

33. Something you collect

34. 5 things your readers don’t know about you

35. A review of your laptop

36. Photos from one of your favorite places

37. Ways to save money

38. A story about something you’ve struggled with

39. Your favorite piece of jewelry

40. Throwback photos from your childhood

41. How to motivate yourself to _____

42. An explanation of a topic you’re knowledgeable on

43. Top 5 favorite movies

44. A post about something that has meaning to you

45. Inexpensive places to buy blog props

46. Products you regret buying

47. Tips for new bloggers

48. Tips on something you do well

49. A funny memory from your childhood

50. Easy DIY decoration ideas

I hope some of these ideas help!

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Thanks for reading. Talk again soon!

What do you do when you can’t seem to find inspiration? 

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