Short Hair Vs. Long Hair

I am one of those people who likes to frequently change up their hair. Over the last three or four years, I have gone from having really long hair to really short hair to the medium length it is currently. And having gone through all these hair changes, I thought fun and (hopefully) interesting to do a pros and cons list of short hair versus long hair.

Before I get into this, I should probably say that I don’t think there’s one clear cut (no pun intended) answer as to which is better. Like most things in life, there is a good and a bad to each of them. Ultimately, it’s just a matter of deciding what works best for you and your personal style.

That being said, let’s talk hair, shall we?

Short Hair


Easy to maintain – In terms of maintenance, it doesn’t get any easier than short hair. Brushing, drying, and washing are all quick and effortless processes when you aren’t working with a whole mess of hair. It’s especially convenient if you are someone like me, and your hair is naturally thick. My hair was never less of a hassle than it was when it was short.

Quick to style – Another great thing about having short hair is that it is quick to style. When you have long hair, styling can be a major nuisance. It seems like every time you think you have finally finished, another strand of un-styled hair mysteriously appears. With short hair, you obviously don’t have this problem. Styling your hair is a breeze.

Lighter weight – If you have thick hair, you probably know EXACTLY what I mean by this. Long, thick hair can feel like it’s weighing you down sometimes, so a short, fresh do can literally take the weight off your shoulders. It honestly can be such a relief in the summer time.


PONYTAILS – Putting short hair into a ponytail is one of the most frustrating things ever. No matter what you do, there are always a few strands of hair that don’t want to stay up. It’s even more annoying when you’re exercising, and you’re constantly having to stop to readjust because you simply CANNOT take it anymore.

Styling feels necessary – Depending on the style of short hair you have, you may feel like you have to style your hair every single day. When I had a bob, for example, I felt like I needed to use a flatiron every day just so it didn’t look weird. Styling short hair might not take a long time, but depending on your personal preferences, it may need to happen more consistently.

Less to do with it – Finally, short hair gives you less styling options than long hair. This isn’t a huge deal if you’re not into intricate styling, but if you are, you might not like having these limitations.

Long Hair


Lots of options – Contrary to short hair, long hair allows you to style it pretty much any way you would like. Ponytails in particular are so much easier when you have more hair to work with. No hassle, no little strands falling out of place. In some ways, I feel like it’s less work than short hair. Does anyone else feel that way?

Warmth – Since I cited the warmth of long hair as a con for the summer, I feel like I have to include it as a pro for the winter. Having that extra layer of heat can be wonderful on chilly days.


Heaviness – I realize I am talking about this A LOT in this blog post, but heaviness is a huge factor for me, and ultimately I think it’s the biggest downfall to long hair. I hate the heavy feeling of long hair, especially when it’s hot or humid.

Washing it – Washing long hair is really an excursion in and of itself. Hair washing in general can be pretty annoying, but long hair makes it, like, a painstakingly long (pun intended) process.

Expenses – If you decide to get your hair colored, it’s probably going to be more expensive if you have long hair than it would be if you had short hair. Being on a budget myself, I know how quickly expenses like this can add up.

Do you prefer short hair or long hair? 

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13 thoughts on “Short Hair Vs. Long Hair

  1. I used to wish my hair was realllyy long but then it got below my shoulders and i had loads off and now i think i do prefer short hair!


  2. I want long hair. Like at least to cover more than half of my back, when they are not straight. I am nowhere near that, because they just don’t grow as fast as I would need them to. And when I trim them I am back where I started it.


  3. Ha lovely! I actually do the same, so from time to time I switch it around from long hair to shoulder length and then let is grow again.. This year, I actually went a bit shorter 🙂


  4. I’ve done the shorter than the shoulders and I’ve had mine super long (currently regrowing mine out). I love it with both lengths to be honest, but I’ve really been wanting my hair long again as kind of a last bang with it before I commit to it being shorter. I feel my hair curls /so/ much better when it’s shorter. While when it’s longer, the curls just seem to pull out into waves.

    I’m getting extensions soon to have for my hair since I’m having breakage issues – 100% sure it’s the stress i’ve been through the last few months – so that it doesn’t look as scraggly for a little while. Or at least until the breakage areas grow back out.

    As for paying for coloring, sometimes you just have to find the right stylist. Mine doesn’t mind my long hair as it doesn’t take long to process as we only bleach my roots and then color all over. The only problem is doing the color on the ends. And she doesn’t charge me more based on the length of my hair.


  5. Usually I would prefer to keep it short or average length and my reason for that is because I have very thick hair and taking care of it on a daily bases is not easy so I never let it grow even though I would love to change the look of my hairstyle every time, but that is just a dream to me.


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