5 Great Places to Get Work Done Remotely

I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time working at home.

When I am feeling really energized and focused, it isn’t so much a struggle. But when I am feeling bored or apathetic or lazy, home is the LAST place I can get work done.

One of the biggest problem I find with working at my house is that I fell prey to dozens of distractions. When you are sitting in your bedroom or dining room or other makeshift office space, it’s so easy to become preoccupied with something else. You start thinking all you need a quick break from your work. But before you know it, that “quick break” turns into an hours-long binge watching session on Netflix.

We’ve all been there.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other places you can go to get work done that do not contain as many needless distractions. I love spending time out in the open while I am write for the blog or doing other kinds of computer-based work. It’s a nice break from the typical. Plus, it’s a lot more difficult to get distracted by Netflix when you’re surrounded by a group of strangers.

ANYWAY, today I thought I would share a few places that I find great for getting stuff done. Hopefully if you’re searching for a new space to work, this will provide you with some inspiration.


To kick this off, I would like to talk about my absolute FAVORITE place to work: the library.

The library is perfect for a multitude of reasons:

1). It’s quiet.

2). It’s free.

3). It’s (usually) pretty empty.

Libraries are great because they are one of only a few public places that are actually designed for peace and quiet. Most people who go to a library for an extended period of time are doing so in order to get away from distractions. They aren’t there to bustle around, cause commotion or make noise. It really is the ideal place for work.

Not only are libraries quiet, they are also free. At a library, you won’t be obligated to buy anything, which is nice because who wants to do that? Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy a cup of coffee as much as the next person. However, I don’t want to shell out $5 every single time I want to work out of the house.

College campuses

If you live anywhere near a college campus, it might be a good idea to try and see if you can find a good study space there.

College campuses are packed with different places to work (libraries, study areas, coffee shops, etc.) Chances are you will be able to find a spot that is both comfortable and ideal for working.


If you’re having good weather, a park is a great place to get some work done. Not only does it give you the chance to enjoy the sunshine (which, if you live in a climate like mine, can be a rare occurrence), it also affords you the opportunity to check out somewhere you might not always go. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any other reason why I would be going to a park unless I was working.

Coffee shops 

Of course, I am going to have to include coffee shops on this list, even if they are the most obvious places to work. While they can sometimes be on the noisy side, coffee shops serve really well as workspaces. The environment in a coffee shop is usually quaint and comfortable, so you have an easy time getting focused. Having the scent of freshly brewed coffee drifting through the air is a nice plus as well.

I would definitely advise checking out small local coffee shops rather than chains like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. In my experience, I have found that the atmosphere of a small coffeehouse is much conducive to working than a national chain. There’s less foot traffic, too, so you won’t have to deal with as many people coming and going.


The mall is not a place that I personally would work simply because I do my best when I am in a really quiet environment (the quieter, the better). HOWEVER, I know that not everyone operates this way. And for a lot of people, having a little bit of background noise can help them get into a groove.

For those type of people, a local mall would be a perfect place to work. You’ve got music throbbing through the overhead speakers, people bustling through stores, chatter from nearby tables. It’s a great spot to go if you would like a little bit of commotion.

Anyway, that concludes this post! I hope you were able to get something useful out of this. And if you have other ideas for great remote working spaces, I would love to hear about them in the comments. 🙂

Do you have a place you like to work remotely? 

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