The Struggles of Makeup

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a beauty post on here, so today I thought I would have a laugh and share a few makeup-centric “problems” that many of us can relate to. Obviously these aren’t real issues or anything, but I love GIF posts, and I think it’s fun to see the ways in which we are all similar.

So, if you are into makeup or wear it on a regular basis, here are some of the biggest struggles!

When you try to remember the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes.


When you know you’ve already applied enough highlighter, but you can’t help yourself.


When your favorite high-end brand announces a new release, but then you see the price.


When you try a new face mask, and it only makes your skin worse.


When you hate a product that everyone else seems to love (or when you love a product that everyone else seems to hate).


When you want to buy a new product because you like its packaging.


When you accidentally miss a step of your complicated skincare regime and your skin becomes a disaster.


When you want to buy a product online just so you can get the free samples with it.


When you stab yourself in the eye with your mascara wand.


When you think about the way you did your makeup 5 or 6 years ago.


Thank you so much for reading!

What are some makeup “problems” that you have encountered? 

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46 thoughts on “The Struggles of Makeup

  1. girl i am dying over here! all of these are so me. its sad i dont even know how to apply my make up correctly. i literally use mascara eyeliner and concealer. for my entire face. still comes out flawless lmao

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