Florals, Wedges, and Jeans

I am sharing an outfit that is perfect for those cooler summer days today. And I am using the word “cooler” lightly, because while it may not be scorching hot on a day I might wear this look, it certainly isn’t cold.

Here I am wearing a flowy floral top with a high, sheer neckline, light-washed jeans, and wedges. I got this top off a J.C. Penney clearance rack earlier this month for a whopping $3 (really, is there anything better than a good sale?). Given my affinity for florals, ruffles, and high necklines, this top was basically a dream for me. I love the fact that it contains so many of my favorite clothing elements yet is so different from anything else I own.

Since the top is made of a flouncy fabric, I decided to pair it with these light-wash skinny jeans. Flowy tops always look great with tighter bottoms, and vice versa. The pairing creates a nice contrast.

Finally, I finished off the look with my go-to wedges. I have said it before, and I will say it again: the best way to wear wedges is with jeans. I feel like the wedges provide the outfit with an extra sense of style and cohesiveness, transforming it from a basic jeans-and-top combo to a more polished look.

Simple, comfortable, and a little bit on the warmer side, this outfit is ideal for chilly summer afternoons and evenings. I can see myself wearing this while shopping or out to dinner. It is definitely perfect for on-the-go.

jeans heels ootd


TOP * (similar): Bloomingdale’s

JEANS (similar): Gap

SHOES * (similar): Kelly and Katie

SUNGLASSES * (similar): Jizell C1

What do you like to wear on cooler summer days? 

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9 thoughts on “Florals, Wedges, and Jeans

  1. I have never wore wedges before but I agree, the best way to wear them is with a good pair of jeans! I love this outfit, it does look pretty and polished. I love a good floral top, especially in the summer. x

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