The Gorgeous Skirt I’m Loving Right Now

Do you ever buy a clothing item that you’re convinced will become a mainstay of your wardrobe from now until the end of time, only to never wear it at all?

Enter. This skirt.

I’ve had this skirt sitting in the back of my closet for about four or five years now. I am not entirely sure where I got it (I’m thinking Macy’s or Target), but I do recall how excited I was when I initially picked it up. From the moment I spotted it hanging up on a clothing rack, I thought to myself: “I just have to have this.” Cheesy as it sounds, I would have sworn it was fashion destiny.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. After shelling out the cash to buy the skirt, I brought it home and immediately stuck it in my closet. Which, in hindsight, was probably my fatal mistake. I should have known that instantly hanging it up with a bunch of other pieces I’ve worn at least a hundred different times would only end with my forgetting about it entirely.

No outfit ideas immediately came to mind, which was another sign of trouble. Usually when I buy something new to add to my wardrobe, I begin brainstorming ways to style it almost right away. Not doing that did not work in the skirt’s favor. Months passed by, and still I never wore it. I never even thought about wearing it. The skirt went from being a fun and exciting styling opportunity to a dusty old thing hanging in between my winter coats.

Until today. Now, four (or five) years later, and I am FINALLY styling this skirt.

black skirt ootd full

I decided to pair this flowy black skirt with a plain black tank top and open-toed high heels. It is a simple yet classic look, and I believe it did a pretty good job of highlighting the skirt’s best qualities.

The skirt is comprised of two major pieces: a basic mini skirt and a flouncy, sheer black overlay. It isn’t quite a high-low, as the longest pieces of the fabric barely fall past my knees. However, I would say that in skirt terms, it’s closer to the longer side than the shorter side.

That being said, I knew as I was creating this look that I wanted to go with heels. Being fairly short myself, I almost always wear heels with long skirts. It (sort of) gives the illusion that I am taller than I actually am.

These open-toed heels are currently some of my favorites. I can never resist a good black heel. And the gingham bows are absolutely adorable.


To pull this outfit together, I threw on the tank top and a pair of sunglasses (I know, you’re super surprised by the latter…) I have been really into these high-neck tanks for a month or so now. They are cute, comfortable, and oh-so-easy to style.

ootd black sunglasses


TOP * (similar): Shein

SKIRT (similar): Shein

SHOES (similar): Guess Factory

Sunglasses * (similar): Jizell C1

bow heels
Giving myself a solid 0/10 for that pedicure…

I am so happy with how this look turned out, as well as to have finally made use of this skirt. I cannot wait to start pairing it with other outfits. Hopefully you will be seeing it in more looks over the next couple of months, as I am thinking it will become a more important piece of my wardrobe.

Thank you for reading!


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38 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Skirt I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Oh yes, this can happen to me from time to time to; I buy something and leave it in my wardrobe only to discover it at a later date and absolutely adore it. The skirt is gorgeous. I love how full and flowy it is. It really matches the heels and tank top. That’s a really nice tank top. The heels are so cute! Lovely photos!

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  2. GREAT post! Love the pictures and the styling of the skirt. The skirt is amazing! Your style impeccable. I really like you blog. Great read you’re an amazing writer.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I LOVE your skirt! I am always a fan of any skirts that flares out. Easier to style and you don’t need to worry about looking a certain way compared to pencil skirts. It’s great that you’ve finally sported the skirt. Your heels are CUTE!

    Nancy ♥

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