Friends Inspired Lookbook

I am very excited for today’s post.

Which, as you can guess by the title, is a lookbook inspired by Friends.

This idea has sort of been floating in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember. As a big fan of Friends, as well as 90s fashion in general, I thought it would be fun to create outfits inspired by some of my favorite looks and trends. I haven’t done a whole lot of lookbooks here on Currently, Lately. But one of my main goals for the month was to try new things, so now seemed like the perfect time to start.

ALSO, I was thinking about turning this into a regular series here on the blog. Would you want to see lookbooks inspired by different characters, style icons, decades, etc.? I have a couple of other ideas in mind, and I would love to hear your suggestions as well. Let me know what you think. I feel like it would be a lot of fun.

Anyway, let’s get into it, shall we?


friends look book one.jpg

friends look book one-2.jpg

friends look book outfit one.jpg



Camisole: Forever 21

Top (similar)*: Romwe

Necklace (similar): Kohl’s

Skirt (similar)*: Shein

Shoes (similar)*: Charlotte Russe

When I think about 90s fashion, two of the first trends that come to mind are plaid skirts and camisoles over t-shirts. For this look, I decided to combine both of these trends, and my main source of inspiration was Rachel Green.

Looking at Rachel’s fashion, I noticed a lot of plaid. Skirts. Pants. Flannels. Plaid was everywhere. One of the most memorable thing that Rachel wore on Friends was a plaid mini skirt. Which was why I chose this black-and-gray plaid skirt for my first outfit. It is simple and chic. And it definitely has a Rachel Green vibe to it.

To finish off the outfit, I put this simple gray camisole over a white t-shirt and added a pair of black ballet flats and a small silver pendant necklace. This is an outfit I can clearly see myself wearing this fall. It’s very cute and very 90s.


stripes friends outfit.jpg

friends stripes look book


JACKET (similar): Old Navy

TOP (similar)*: Zulily

SKIRT (similar)*: Nordstrom

SANDALS: Blowfish

The next friend who I drew inspiration from was Phoebe. In general, Phoebe’s wardrobe consisted of a lot of denim, as well as long, patterned skirts. I had this black-and-white striped one hanging in my closet, so I decided to put it to use. Pairing the skirt with a plain black tank top and sandals (sorry, but it was way too hot for Converse on the day I shot these photos), I felt like I was able to capture a Phoebe sort of vibe. And to finish it off, I threw on my favorite jean jacket.




DRESS (similar)*: Bardot

CHOKER: Vanessa Mooney

SHOES (similar)*: Steve Madden

Looking at the styles of each of the characters, I definitely felt like Monica’s was the closest to my own. Monica seemed to wear outfits that were both casual and stylish. Scrolling through some of her most famous looks, I noticed a lot of light-washed jeans, button-downs, and sweater tops (I don’t know what to call them but they look like this).

Anyway, I recently picked up this plaid burgundy dress that felt very “Monica” to me. I paired it with a deep purple velvet choker and some cream wedges. I think Monica may have gone with something different in terms of footwear (perhaps a low sneaker?), but these shoes were the only ones in my closet that I felt worked well with the dress.


central perk

central perk two.jpg



TOP (similar): Box Lunch

SHORTS (similar)*: By The Way.

SHOES (similar): Converse

I’ve had this Central Perk tee in my closet forever, so when I made the decision to do a Friends lookbook, I couldn’t not include it. While none of the characters on the show ever sported Central Perk merchandise like this, I distinctly remembered an outfit Rachel wore that consisted of black shorts and a white baseball tee. I have a pair of plain black shorts myself, so I paired them with the Central Perk top. I didn’t wear any tights, however, because it was way too hot.





TOP: Planet Gold

SKIRT (similar)*: 7 For All Mankind

SHOES (similar)*: Steve Madden

For the final outfit of this lookbook, I chose to take inspiration from Friends fashion in general rather than a specific character. Since denim seemed to be an ever-present element of the characters’ styles, I went with this simple jean skirt, which I paired with a pale pink high-neck tank top. As far as accessories go, I decided on this simple crystal necklace. I think the style of the necklace goes well with the top, and ultimately gives the look a very 90s feel.

Thank you so much for reading! I had a lot of fun picking out these outfits and putting the post together. I would definitely be open to doing more posts like this in the future if you would be interested! Maybe I’ll make it a monthly thing.

Do you like 90s fashion? Also, who is your favorite character on Friends

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35 thoughts on “Friends Inspired Lookbook

  1. I absolutely love friends, I’ve watched every episode around 20 times and still love it, all these outfits are great and really look like they were inspired by Friends. My favourite outfit is the third one! Love that dress xx

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  2. omg I love this post! I’m obsessed with Friends and went to a pub quiz on it the other day! I tried to think of something that I could wear that was inspired by it but couldn’t find anything in my wardrobe! I love 90s fashion so have to amend that straight away! All of these looks are great!
    Soph – x

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I commend you on your idea of a “Look Book” inspired by “Friends.” I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would LOVE to see more of these! I’d love to see one inspired by ’50’s style icons, like Marylin Monroe, Jane Mansfield, etc… I think this idea is everything and kudos to you for coming up with it! It’s fun, fresh and so inspiring. I love how you actually incorporated actual pics from the show to illustrate your designs. It’s just amazing and I would so love to see another! Thank you so much for this post! Have a great day! Hope this comment inspires you to do more! Love it!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow, this is genius! As a fellow Friends lover, I absolutely adored this. I think you nailed every look! Friends is seriously the best for inspiration sometimes. Also glad you included the Central Perk tee haha love it! xx.

    Liked by 1 person

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