5 Must-Have Tips For Travel Fashion

I’m leaving for vacation in just a couple of days, and my excitement is growing tremendously. I haven’t been on a trip in a while, so I am really looking forward to seeing some new sights and gaining some new experiences.

Right now, I am devoting a good chunk of my free time to getting ready for the trip. To be honest, I completely forgot how much preparation goes into traveling. There are so many different things you need to be worrying about all at once. Forgetting even one of them could spell disaster for your whole trip.

However, there are many fun aspects to travel preparation. One of which happens to be fashion. I like to have my outfits carefully thought-out whenever I go places. If I’m going somewhere on a week-long sightseeing trip, you bet I will be able to tell you EXACTLY what I will be wearing at each of the various stops. Anyone else the same way? I don’t know. I guess it just helps me relax.

Anyway, today I will be sharing five of my most useful tips for travel fashion. I have a specific way of doing things in terms of travel wardrobe. These are some of the things I consider as I am piecing potential outfits together.


I’m putting this in caps because it really is that important.

If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking on your trip, you NEED to wear shoes that are made for it. Traveling through New York City in a pair of blister-inducing sandals will not end well. I promise you. In fact, the only way it ends is with you aching and miserable.

My general rule of thumb is that shoes come first and outfits come after. The first thing I do when I start planning my wardrobe for a trip is decide which pairs of shoes I’m bringing (which are usually tennis shoes or loose fitting sandals). Then, I work on the actual outfits. It makes styling a little bit more difficult, but above everything else, I want to be comfortable while traveling.

Tiffany blue necklace flatlay

Tip #2: Keep jewelry to a minimum

Another recommendation I have is to keep your jewelry to a minimum. Besides being difficult to pack and transport, jewelry can take up an unnecessary amount of space in your suitcase or carryon. Space, as we all know, is a critical thing when you’re traveling. You have a very limited amount of it, especially if you’re flying, so every square inch counts.

When I’m going on a trip, I try to stick with one or two small, minimal pieces of jewelry that can work with multiple outfits. My favorite Tiffany pendant necklace is the thing I find myself bringing most often because it matches just about everything. That being said, I would highly recommend looking through your jewelry collection and finding a piece that is both small and versatile.

Tip #3: Bring sunglasses

Unless you’re headed somewhere chilly, you NEED to bring a pair of sunglasses with you. Actually, I should say you need to bring at least a couple of pairs of sunglasses with you. You never know what could happen, and the last thing you would want is to be stuck somewhere without a pair of shades.

Tip #4: Keep things simple

When in doubt, keep things simple. At least when you’re going to be spending several days living out of a suitcase. Overly complicated ensembles are a nightmare to put together on the fly. If you accidentally forget to bring an item or experience a wardrobe mishap, you will have a harder time resolving the issue if it involves a more complicated outfit. Let things be as easy and as straightforward as possible.

Tip #5: Draw from previous experiences

You know yourself better than anyone, so you probably have a good idea of what has worked for you in the past. Use that knowledge to your advantage when planning your outfits. If you’ve had particularly poor experiences traveling in sandals, remember not to wear them. Likewise, if you know your favorite romper is cute but totally not functional for walking, refrain from packing it. Your goal is to make your trip to be as enjoyable an experience as possible, so thinking about what has gone right and what has gone wrong for you in the past will make a huge difference.

I would love to hear your travel fashion tips, as well as about any trips you are going on this year!

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Do you have any fashion travel tips? 

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60 thoughts on “5 Must-Have Tips For Travel Fashion

  1. Oh my gosh that tip about planning around your shoes is CRUCIAL. I had a cute pair of sandals that were in their last legs. I took them to NYC and while I walked around midtown, the wedge broke and I had to run into Macy’s for an emergency pair of sandals that matched my outfit. Great advice!



  2. I’ve worn the same pair of gladiator sandals for almost 10 years now I think – I can barely get the zips up but they are just so practical and have served me so well! But probably should invest in some more holiday footwear! But I do think you are right – good footwear is a must for any holiday!

    Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yes I definitely agree with working holiday/trip outfits around shoes because blisters are hell, as are dirty feet because dusty paths/rocky steps don’t work with flip flops/open toes 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Love this post! Fashion tips are essential. I recently got into fashion and jewelry and was blessed to become an affiliate with Pura vida bracelets. Just gonna throw my promo code out here since I know we all love fashion for the summer! Use code NATALIEDELUCA20 at checkout 🙂 for 20% off. Xx


  5. Great post! Shoes are cruical. Last year in Prague (december) my winter boots fell apart and I had to buy new ones. Also in Venice I was wearing ankle boots with a bit of heel…not very smart, since their streets are far from being nice to walk on. So now I just stick to sneakers or some tennis shoes.


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