8 Things I Would Like to Learn To Do


I guess I should technically be saying good evening because, providing this post doesn’t accidentally go up a few hours early and send me into a panic (which has happened on more occasions than I can count), it should be around around 5 PM when you’re reading this.

Let’s start this over then.


I am writing to you on a rather wonderful day weather-wise. And I am not saying sarcastically. Reading it back, I know it sounds that way, but really it is absolutely GLORIOUS outside at the moment.

That sounds sarcastic, too, doesn’t it? Oh well.

ANYWAY, because it’s so magnificent outside right now, I feel like sitting by an open window and allowing the sun to illuminate the room as I write a new blog post. This is, like, my ideal afternoon evening, guys. And as a result, I am in such a great mood.

Today we are going to be doing something a little different. Instead of sharing tips or ideas about things I know a lot about, I thought I would explore some things I don’t know much about. Things I would like to know more about.

I got inspired to write this post after perusing a catalog of crafty/artsy classes offered at my local craft store. Is it just me, or do you ever feel the sudden, unrelenting urge to learn a new skill? IDK why, but every now and then I feel compelled to start watching instructional YouTube videos and reading lots of DIY blog posts, determined to become a skilled painter or chef (for all of five minutes, of course). SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO’S LIKE THIS.

Well, these are some of the things I would eventually love to learn to do. Hopefully I can look back on this as a reference of sorts the next time I get into one of these moods.


I am not an artist. Like, at all. So, naturally, I would love to learn how to draw at some point. I realize my lack of skill will probably make it difficult (if not impossible) to become good at drawing in general. But if I could learn to draw one or two things, like flowers or animals, I think that would be pretty cool.


Remember that class catalog I was talking about up above? Knitting was actually the reason I was browsing those courses in the first place. I am really fascinated by the idea of being able to create something with yarn. And I feel like knitting would be a great activity to be able to do when I am sitting at home and wanting something to do with my hands. I am not sure how difficult it would be, but I guess I will have to find out.


Keep in the same vein as knitting, I would also like to up my sewing skills. As a kid, I used to know the basics about sewing. However, it has been years since I have even attempted to sew something. Ultimately, I feel like this skill would come in handy when I need to hem something, which is basically all the time when you’re short.


Whenever I am on Pinterest, I end up stumbling upon about a million gorgeously decorated desserts, particularly cakes. And I think it would be fun to be able to make some of them myself. This is definitely a skill I would like to pick up.


Because honestly who doesn’t want to learn to juggle?


Now I don’t own Photoshop, nor do I use it frequently. However, I have tried it out in the past and at some point I would love to have the chance to develop my knowledge of it. Photoshop is such a cool software, and I think it would be useful to know how to work it a little better.


This is one of those skills that won’t help me in the grand scheme of things, but I still would like to learn it. One of these days, I am just going to sit down and spend the afternoon figuring out how to solve a Rubik’s cube.


Overall, I just think this would be a good skill to have as a blogger. Since I have a website, I think it would be great to know more about the mechanics about it.


In general, I am not the best at DIYing anything. I have tried some ideas and hacks in the past, but I have rarely been able to make something myself that I have been proud enough of to keep and use regularly. That being said, I would like to become better at DIYs. I highly doubt I will ever attain Pinterest-level skills, but I would like to at least improve.

Those are just some of those things that I would like to learn! I hope you enjoyed reading that you’ve been having a wonderful day thus far.

What are some skills you would like to learn? 

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48 thoughts on “8 Things I Would Like to Learn To Do

  1. I tried to learn to knit and ended up missing out loads of rows somehow?! It’s easy enough but can get a bit complicated hahah!

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  2. I also want to learn to knit! It just seems like a good useful skill to have and you never know when it can come in handy. But my main priority to learn is photography. I see so many beautiful photos from bloggers and I just want to be able to do that as well!

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  3. I’d love to learn website design too, i find it so interesting how lines of code can produce such beautiful sites. Oh gosh learning DIY, it’s one of those skills I need to learn but really struggle to hold an interest in! Lovely blog post, it’s great to hear about what you want to learn :’)
    Jo | mindfuladventures.co.uk

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  4. I’d like to learn sweing as well. It would be wonderful to design,cut and sew my own dresses. I want to learn photoshop as well. All the best in your journey. 🙂 I believe learning keeps one’s young-at-heart forever. 🙂

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  5. Baking and decorating cakes are my absolute favourites, which I want to learn someday. Drawing too. I somehow figured out the rubik’s cube a few months ago. Learning new things is always fun😊😊

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  6. Learning to draw is on my list for the summer, too – I’ve very excited to see where I end up with it! Knitting is so much fun and fairly easy once you yet into it – I’ve been knitting for a few years now, and recently upgraded and arm-knitted myself one of those chunky blankets that you see all over the internet, and that was surprisingly easy, too!

    Good luck with all your goals!

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com/

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  7. Haha, yeah – I have the urge now and then to pick stuff up or try do it again but it never seems to last long! I’d love to know more about Photoshop and website design too. I’m currently doing a digital marketing apprenticeship so I am learning about this sort of stuff at the moment, but the teacher doesn’t seem too great with the whole side of photoshop haha. I’ve also learnt quite a lot I’ve realised just from doing stuff related to my blog which has been really handy!


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  8. I loved reading this! I’ve been wanting to solve a rubik’s cube for so long now but I just never get around to actually doing it. I absolutely love Photoshop. If you do end up getting the software, there are really great tutorials on YouTube. I’ve learnt most of the stuff I know from there. Great post!

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  9. These are great goals, I would also like to learn more advanced photoshop skills and website design, I’ve been doing both for about two years but I feel like theres still so much to learn and I’d love to really expand my skills in those sections. I hope you get to learn all these things soon! xx


  10. I love this! I can kinda juggle – I taught myself about fifteen years ago and it’s kind of like riding a bike! I would also love to be able to knit and be better at photoshop. I have kind of been thinking lately that I would love to learn sign language!


  11. I definitely plan on learning how to sew and how to draw more advanced! I can’t sew to save my life lol I really wanna learn since it’s such a useful skill to have. Drawing on the other hand is just more fun and it would be great to improve my artistic skills.


  12. These are neat hobbies to pick up! Everything takes baby steps and it might seem hard at first. Once you pick up the pace, you’ll have tons of fun building something towards an end product! Oooh, learning how to sew is so important – especially when you want to save money on altering clothes or even make your own. Oh man, I never solved a Rubik’s cube before but it’s one of those talents people need to pick up!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  13. Learning Photoshop isn’t easy and I’m a bit intimidated by it, however my husband loves it! I actually love using light room classic for desktop editing and light room CC on my phone. It’s more user friendly 😊 also drawing and crocheting are so Great! I’m still learning to crochet but love it! Great post!


  14. Great post… there are so many things I would like to learn to do… or wish I could do… for starters as much as I hate sewing I wish ai knew how… or knit…I love crochet.


  15. Oooh! These are definitely great goals! I really want to learn to decorate cakes! THEY’RE JUST SO PRETTY!! I also want to improve my web-design and learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube! At one point, I was struggling so bad that I broke it apart and put it back the right way! xx


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