My Travel Essentials

It’s around that time of year again when people start departing on vacations, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my must-have travel essentials. Embarking on a trip can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. In fact, figuring out what to pack can be an adventure in and of itself. Whenever I go on a trip, there always seems to be at least ONE thing that I forget to bring with me. Hopefully making a list of essentials will keep me from forgetting important things!

While we’re on the subject of travel, I would like to quickly ask if you would be interested in seeing any food/fashion/photography posts from the trips I’m going on this year. I actually haven’t done a lot of traveling since the start of Currently, Lately, so I am kind of excited to finally have the chance to do some travel content. Feel free to tell me if there’s anything in particular you would want to read.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about my travel essentials! By no means is this everything I bring on a trip, but I think it highlights the most important stuff.

travel essentials mask



+ tinted moisturizer with SPF

+ waterproof mascara

+ face scrub

+ lip balm

+ eyebrow pencil

+ moisturizer

+ cooling water

+ dry shampoo



+ cheap sunglasses

+ comfy shorts

+ crossbody purse

+ minimal jewelry

tic tags travel essentials


+ breath mints

+ hand sanitizer

+ sunscreen

+ earbuds

+ notebook

+ sleep mask

Those are just a few of my travel essentials! I would to hear about yours! 🙂

What are some of your travel essentials? 

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22 thoughts on “My Travel Essentials

  1. A crossbody bag is an absolute must! I made that mistake once, we were in Madrid, it was a last minute trip and we only went for a few days, I packed in a hurry and brought my full handbag and a little evening clutch. I lasted one day before my arm was falling off and I had to run to H&M to get a little daytime friendly crossbody! I always bring a super intense moisturiser too as my skin gets really tight on the plane x


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  2. Dry shampoo is such a saviour while travelling. A camera! These days, the quality of phone cameras are good, but the photographs I take from my Nikon DSLR are stunning! Gotta capture those memories.

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  3. This has come at the perfect time as I literally jet off tomorrow morning! This has worked as such a fab little checklist for me whilst packing haha. A crossbody bag is a definite must along with an SPF lip balm – cannot live without them! I always make sure I take a book too as I love kicking back, reading and relaxing whilst on holiday!
    Alice Xx

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  4. these are all so handy! I would 100% take a book because I love reading! and a little mirror. I am going on holiday very soon so this blog post has been helpful!! x

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