3 Reasons You Should Invest In Your Blog

To invest in your blog or to not invest in your blog?

Isn’t that the eternal question?

Okay—but really…it can be pretty tough to decide whether you want to spend money on your blog. Blog expenses (cameras, domain names, etc.) are by no means cheap. And for a lot of us, making the decision to put money into a blog isn’t simple one.

For those of you who currently debating whether or not to invest in your blog, today I thought I would share a few reasons why I think you should take that step. I’ve put some money into my site before, and I truly believe that those investments have helped me out a lot in the long-run.

So, here are some reasons why you should put money into your blog!

Because you love blogging.

Truthfully, this is the only point that matters if you’re trying to decide whether or not to put money into your blog.

If you love blogging, you should just do it. Simple as that.

But if you’d like a little bit more convincing, I’ll give it to you.

Your blog—no matter how big or small—is your hobby. It’s something you’ve put a lot of your time, thought, and energy into (things you could argue are even more valuable than currency).

That being said, putting money into your blog is like putting money into any other hobby. You wouldn’t tell a tennis player that he or she shouldn’t buy a racket. You wouldn’t tell a painter that he or she shouldn’t buy a brush. And you shouldn’t tell a blogger that he or she shouldn’t buy a domain name.

Traditional or not, blogging is a hobby. If you’re passionate about your blog and want to invest in it, you should—by all means—do it.

Because the cost is worth it.

This opinion might not be shared by everybody. But in my experience, every investment that I’ve made into Currently, Lately has been well worth it.

One of the purchases I ever made for this blog was a sheet of marble laminate. This wasn’t a massive investment or anything. But it made all the difference when it came to my blog photography.


Pretty drastic change, right?

I think this just goes to show that if you put your money into the right things, it will pay off. I’m a lot happier with my blog photography now that I have this sheet of marble laminate. And to me, that’s the most important thing.

Because it (might be) necessary.

Depending on what your long-term goals are, investing money in your blog might not be optional. If you’re hoping to blog full-time one day (isn’t that the dream?), then you might want to seriously consider purchasing things like a camera and a tripod. The blogosphere is an amazingly massive place. And without a few essential investments to get you started, it may be difficult to get yourself in the position where you could be a full-time blogger.

If you aren’t striving to be a full-time blogger, investments like this may not be quite as necessary; however, they’re great for enhancing your site nonetheless.

As always, thank you for reading! I’m wishing you all a wonderful remainder of the week.

Have you invested in your blog? 

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16 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should Invest In Your Blog

  1. I’ve definitely invested a lot more into my blog recently, especially as nowadays no one’s got old dodgy themes and low quality pictures like before. Plus, I love writing and spending time on it, as you said, and it makes me so happy to see it fresh and new! x

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  2. I would love to fully invest in my blog but I’m currently unemployed due to health issues and my financial situation is awful right now. Hopefully, once I can get on my feet again, I can buy a domain name and really get into it.

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  3. I only bought my domain and a hosting, which is not a crazy investment. I only use my iphone for photos but I am thinking of getting some bits and pieces to put into photographs (flowers, backgrounds etc.) What I invested most is my time. Making your blog and social media accounts look good and be active takes so much energy! Great post xo

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  4. I totally agree investing isn’t a bad idea! I’m totally thinking about getting a new camera that’s for vlogging as well as a ring light. That way that even if I don’t have a written post, I can post on my YouTube channel and then share it in a post on my blog so that I still have content for the day. It wouldn’t be but on the weekends and an occasional week day, but it would still be valid content. I enjoy writing about my makeup routines but I’d really like some videos of my makeup routines and looks because I have some followers that are interested in that kind of stuff!

    I’m eventually going to put the stock into my domain name just because I’d like to drop the wordpress bit and finally get some “social” business cards so that I can share my blog when people ask me about it. But it’s all being put on the backburner until I can get my own place.


  5. I’ve been slowly (and I do mean, slowly) investing in my blog and trying to make subtle improvements, but it’s definitely been a challenge being on a tight, university student budget. I definitely agree that investing in your blog is hugely important, if it’s something you’re serious about. Honestly though, I can’t thank you enough for posting about the sheet of marble laminate – I’d never even thought to do that, and it makes such a difference!! I’ll def have to try that out!

    Lovely post! x


    1. I recently invested in two wordpress websites; my personal website to showcase my portfolio of university projects, but I also launched a collaborative blog called Generation Z (posts all my post-millennials) and I’ve spent a good amount paying for the domain name and it’s taking a while to get everything sorted and looking right but I’m really happy that I took that step to get my own domains :).


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