January Favorites 2018

Month one of 2018 is just about over (isn’t that mind-boggling?!?), so today I figured I would roundup what I’ve been loving so far. Here are my January favorites!

First up, I’ve got to talk about Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette.


This palette is just as magical as everyone says it is.

As you may recall from my let’s catch up post at the beginning of the month, I received the Modern Renaissance Palette as a Christmas gift. I’ve been wanting this palette for YEARS now. But being the cautious (a.k.a. cheap) spender that I am, I always hesitated. I was really paranoid about shelling out a lot of cash for something that could turn out to be a total bust.

But now that I’ve had the palette for a little over a month, I have to tell you it is anything but that. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and long-lasting. I can apply them early in the day and still have the same look when I take my makeup off later at night.

So far, my favorite shades in the Modern Renaissance Palette are “Buon Fresco,” “Red Ochre,” “Warm Taupe,” and “Burnt Orange.” I can’t wait to continue experimenting with the rest of the colors.

Also in makeup, I’ve been loving the Too Faced Melted Latex in the shade “Strange Love.” I actually didn’t even know that this collection existed until about a month ago, but I’m really glad to have discovered it.

This liquid lipstick is a lot different than any color I’ve ever used. It’s a deep shade of reddish brown, and I think it’s perfect for winter. I normally wouldn’t go for a color like this. But seeing how much I like it, I think I’ll have to start trying out new shades this year.

My last beauty favorite of the month is a contour duo from Stila Cosmetics. I’ve been really into contouring lately, and this duo has been my go-to product. One of the things I love most about this little kit is that it comes with a pamphlet that gives you advice on how to contour according to your face shape. It was a nice little refresher for me, as I have not done much contouring in a while.

Moving on to fashion. It’s been a relatively simple month for me style-wise. You all know from my most recent OOTD post that I’ve been sticking to pretty much the same pieces. Flannels, in particular, have been a big part of wardrobe, as well as those over-the-knee boots I couldn’t stop raving about* earlier this month.

flannel 2

Another item I have been loving is the Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus & Spearmint Stress Relief candle. You may recall that I’m a huge fan of the body cream version of this product. So, when I saw it had been converted into a candle, I knew I just had to have it.

january favorites 2018

This candle has a pretty strong smell, which might not be for everyone. But for me personally, it’s perfect. I really do feel as though this candle helps me de-stress. And it has gotten me curious about the other product in Bath & Body Works’ aromatherapy collection.

Lastly, I feel obligated to throw my planner into this mix of favorites. I’ve done a lot of planning this month, especially related to the blog. And I certainly couldn’t have done it without my planner. Organization is really important to me, and this planner has made it possible for me to be as structured as I like.

Anyway, that’s it for this installment of my monthly favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading and that your 2018 is going wonderfully!

What are some of your monthly favorites? 

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