5 Ways for the Perfect Cozy Night-In

Sometimes when the snow is falling, you just want to grab a nice cup of hot chocolate and curl up under a blanket. Today I thought I would share some of the things I love having with me on these kinds of nights.

1. Fuzzy Socks – To be honest, is there really anything better than a good pair of fuzzy socks? Slipping into a pair of these makes it feel like you’ve got fleece blankets on your feet. They are warm, comfortable, and (if you’re like me and own various pairs of holiday socks) festive.

2. A good movie – Cozy evenings in require all things comforting and familiar, so it never fails to pop in one of your favorite movies. Because it’s the holiday season, I’ve been leaning towards Christmas movies lately. My all-time favorite is Elf. I’ve seen it at least a thousand times and can pretty much quote the entire thing.

3. A mug of ___ – As I said earlier, sometimes you just want to have a cup of hot chocolate on snowy nights-in. For me, that hot chocolate is actually iced coffee (cold brew > hot brew). This is really up to your preference though.

4. Moisturizer – I talked about this in my pamper routine last month, but moisturizer is one of my favorite things to have around on relaxing days. My favorite Josie Maran body butter (which I also mentioned in my pamper routine) is my usual go-to.

5. A relaxing playlist – Music is also a great way to wind down. On these types of nights, I’m always happy to put in some earbuds and pull up a good Spotify playlist.

That’s all for today! Until tomorrow.

What are your night-in essentials? 


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14 thoughts on “5 Ways for the Perfect Cozy Night-In

  1. I am totally agreeing with you today. I’ve taken a shower and put on some comfy clothes to sit on the couch all day. It’s been a long week and I need to recharge. I love fuzzy socks, for whatever reason they make me feel like I have my life together (I know, of all things). Cheers!

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